Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Night

On Friday, I had to say goodbye to the best adventure pal I could have asked for. My Golden Retriever Wesley was my sidekick from December 1999. We shared so many experiences, both good and bad, but he was always on my side.

In his later years, he had developed numerous benign (but cumbersome tumors), as well as arthritis that made it very difficult for him to walk. I slept next to him on his last night. In the morning, we had a big breakfast together, and spent time in the backyard sun together. He even mustered the strength to charge at our yard's boundary to bark at a strange dog next door. On our way to the vet, he ate a sausage mcmuffin with cheese.

Saying goodbye is the worst*. I managed to keep a happier demeanor when I was hit by a car and broke my back. It was worth it for the 11+ years of happiness he gave to me.

Good night, Wesley, and thank you.

* For anyone keeping track, I don't know what the actual worst is, and I would rather not find out.

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Ling said...

i'm so sorry to read about wesley. i still remember all the photo walk with wesley posts in your blog. you gave wesley a great life, with lots of love and fun. he will be missed. hugs.