Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sun rising on my street...

The Drowners (Demo) - Suede

Thanks to Lightning in a Bottle for posting about her love of the band Suede. I remember all of the ridiculous hours I spent poring through Melody Maker and NME at the local record store in East Lansing, Michigan, in the fall of '92. I wanted to know everything about all of this great new music. I'd heard a Morrissey interview where he namechecked Suede. The Drowners was their only single at the time. I bought it, and listened constantly. The wait for the album was awful. I remember the record store got a demo tape of it a week before the CD came out. The guys who worked there tossed it to me because they knew how much I was anticipating it.

I miss being that excited about new music. Or anything, for that matter. They say that patience is a virtue, but sometimes, it's nice to relish the pain of longing.

On Friday morning, I woke up with time to get to the marsh before the sun crested the horizon. I wasn't patient enough (hunger struck) to wait around for the big yellow ball, but I took a handful of shots of the morning twilight before I left.

From Sunrise

In the background, you can see the lights on the Vilano Bridge...
From Sunrise

I like this time of day...things are visible, and yet the streetlights are still on...
From Sunrise

From Sunrise

From Sunrise

Have you done something new with your hair? No? Well, it looks good.

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lightning in a bottle said...

awww. thanks for the shout out.

suede = brilliant.