Thursday, August 6, 2009

My new neighborhood is nice, but...

Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

I need a bike to get to the abandoned bits...there were more inspirational textures, colors, and bits of blight in the old neighborhood. But today, it was a bike ride to explore the North City area of St. Augustine.

I don't know what it is about empty places that inspires me so. Ever since I was a kid, I fell in love with any place that was falling down.

Today, after the Wes walk, it was a bike ride, and then some repotting. Everyone told me to un-plant the bamboo I put in the front garden. It'll take over, they said. So in went the rosemary plant, and I've potted the bamboo in a quart yogurt tub until I can get a planter to bring it inside.

I'm going to miss all this puttering around once school starts, but my brain is starting to go back into school mode, so I'm getting excited about that. Until then, here's what makes my brain tingle:

The car dealership near me is gone, gone, gone, and what it's left behind looks great. Please, someone, let me play in there until someone buys it and tears it all down.
From North City Bike Ride

From North City Bike Ride

From North City Bike Ride

I love that the desk area still has fake plants...
From North City Bike Ride

It says authentic, but really, it's pretty mediocre.
From North City Bike Ride

I have more respect for any car repair facility that looks the same as it always has:
From North City Bike Ride

I love the logo for Li'l Champ:
From North City Bike Ride

And, of course, the cat of the day:
From North City Bike Ride

If you stop by my new place, I'll give you a bowl of vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit, honey, and cinnamon. It tastes great!


Fresh said...

Gee, I COULD use some yogurt. What subject do you teach? I forgot.

Magic Pants Jones said...

I teach 3rd grade, so it's all the core subjects. It's really a great job when it goes like I want, and pretty good the rest of the time.

Pen Pen said...

I LOVE yogurt with fruit and cinnamon! Be sure to keep growing Rosemary! It's the king of all herbs! I use it all the time! :)
You always take such amazing photos-do u ride around a bike and take em -or in a car?!
I love ur pic of the cat at the end! It looks exactly like my sister's cat, Socks! :) YAY!

Awesome Sara said...

i will never look at car dealerships the same!! gosh ive missed u and ur blog!