Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home tour part 1...

Diplo Rhythm - Diplo

Moving is such a pain in the butt, but when you're done, it can be very liberating. Moving can give you such a great chance to start fresh, make everything right.

The first room I'm going to share is my dining room/library. It's also a toy room, I guess. Anyway, I'll share the details as I go....

From Home Tour 1

The pictures are by my friend Nancy Macri, of her cat Stimpy, and a game from the toys that my grandmother kept for me at her house.
Along the top of the shelf, (starting at the left) there's a signed original drawing from the Laugh Out Loud Cats by Apelad, aka Adam Koford. Next is a portrait of jotto's Space Monkey. It comes from a t-shirt that had become unwearable, so I stretched it over a picture frame. Then, on either side of my Ugly Doll (more on that...), there are two tiny robot paintings by my friend Steve Marrazzo. The Ugly Doll is Ice Bat, and was given to me as a birthday present by my friend Amber. Next are two germs in test tubes. They were in my last apartment, left by the previous tenant. Finally, there's my blank Dunny. I still haven't figured out what design I want to use for it. There's also a little slinky, some speakers, an old teacup, and a drawing of mine that you can barely see. On the lower shelves are old toy cars that belonged to my father and uncle when they were boys.

From Home Tour 1

On the top of this shelf, you see lots of Peewee stuff. There's the squeezable talking Peewee, the action figure, and the bobble head. I also have a wind-up Magic Screen and a handful of trading cards. The large, bizarre clock thing is also from Steve, of the robot paintings. You can also see the deer planter I had as a child. Behind the deer is a photo of a colorful rocking horse.
On the wall is my fake ball clock. I made it by dissembling a clock from Goodwill and painting it. There are also some tiles I picked up at the Detroit Festival of the Arts several years ago. Another robot, of course, and Godzilla.
On the lower shelves, you will find: a wooden horse made by my third grade teacher's dad; a little plastic man with parachute; a wind-up pig (her eyes roll) that my dad bought my mom when they were dating; a felt finger puppet; a sand-filled cowboy paperweight; a cap pistol; a very old lock and key; a wooden Easter egg made by my friend Maribel Angel; an amethyst; several rubber duckies; a handmade doll of Rachel Trachtenburg; a friction-sparking plastic ray gun; a small stuffed Flealick, from the Babe, Pig in the City toys; the Hush Puppies Basset Hound,; and a small sculpted head that I made many many years ago.
Next to the shelf, you can see my UFO lamp. It changes colors, and the water moves around inside.

From Home Tour 1
Less wordy this time:
It's a poster from World Market of different types of vehicles from India. Also, it's my camera collection. Many of them don't work, but they look neat. The ones that do work don't get used because film is expensive, and digital is SO easy to work with.

From Home Tour 1
Here you have a big graffiti on cardboard painting that I did, two tiles that I drew, a funny rock that has a natural 'mouth' and two drawn on eye dots. Also, barely visible, you can see a little man made of Bakelite, and a Jack Skellington bendy figure.

From Home Tour 1
Three paintings from a series of drawings I did called, "Unsung Heroes." I don't remember all of the subtitles, but the bottom one is #5, "Leisure is a Form of Action."

From Home Tour 1
A painting I did of a lady. It's painted on the back of the window.

From Home Tour 1
A working Charlie Weaver Bartender in the box, an artist's dummy, an Indian toy car box (the car looks NOTHING like the illustration), and some mini-comics.

From Home Tour 1
A number 4 lamp done by an artist whose name I forget. He worked and lived in St. Augustine before I moved here.

From Home Tour 1
It's an Iron Giant bank, a portrait of some GI that a friend gave to me, several tin toys (including the car on the far right that was "pictured" on that box), a Circus Punk, an action figure of a heavyset hipster, a button made by my friend Joe Marrazzo, a Japanese businessman gone 'native' figure, and a cubicle worker action figure. Behind the hipster, there's a small burlesque picture in a small frame.

From Home Tour 1
It's my dining table and chairs. Two of the chairs came with the table at a farmer's market 8 years ago. The other two chairs are just placeholders until I can find better matches. The carpeting is astroturf.

Oh, and also, you smell good tonight.


Awesome Sara said...

look how organized u are!!! im thrilled u finally moved in. about freaking time too. anyway get a mural!! they are actually pretty inexpensive. it would be relaxing listening to music and enjoying my blog to stars or forest themed things.

Magic Pants Jones said...

I think I want to MAKE the mural. Cover the wall and draw, draw draw.