Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My apologies...

Moving (Demo) - Suede

Especially to Awesome Sara, who wrote to check on me. My brain shut down for the month of June. With the end of school, a friend from out of town, and a very long moving process, I've been unresponsive. And that's rude, so if you were worried, I'm sorry. I've left Lincolnville for North City in St. Augustine, home of smaller, single dwelling houses. I have central air now, and doors and walls. I promise to put up pictures as soon as I get things on walls.

I don't have cable transferred yet (Comcast has everything goofy, they think my neighbor's "business" is run through my apartment.), but my neighbor is letting me use her wifi until it's fixed. I just have to wait on my new landlady to get me a lease so I can prove I live here.

So here I am, still a lot of work to do, sorting, hanging pictures, hanging blinds, but all is good on this end. I want to share the last six pictures I took in Lincolnville. I'm gonna miss it, but then again, I really like this place.

This place has gone from abandoned to bare bones (but amazingly tasty), to abandoned, to a place with all meat on the menu. I like the plants they keep adding, though:
From Last of Lincolnville

It's the last of the Lincolnville Cats pictures. I should totally make a book of them. No. I shouldn't. Not to worry, North City has lots of cats and dogs. I've seen 'em.
From Last of Lincolnville

St. Augustine is made up of a handful of names that you can find all over town. Colee is one of 'em. So long, horses.
From Last of Lincolnville

I've always loved this abandoned place across the street from the Ice Plant. I want to open a store in it, or live there. From the looks of it though, it'd be pricey to fix up, and I have no money, or experience owning a store.
From Last of Lincolnville

Neat old AMC Rambler:
From Last of Lincolnville

Oh, and really neat? My bedroom ceiling fan sounds like Laura Palmer's from the Twin Peaks movie. I hope Killer Bob isn't lurking somewhere.

By the way...of all the people who read this blog, you are my favorite.