Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today I learned:

Get Better - Mates Of State

I knew that I'm allergic to dried grass products. Grass mats, skirts, and blinds are out. Well. It appears that straw hats are o-u-t, too. I wore a straw sombrero for a school event today, did my best to be a team player. Wowzers, did that ever heck my head up. I've got insane nasal pressure, and it's got my head all foggy and a bit painful. Also: it's making me super groggy.

Okay, enough whinging. That's why I picked this song.

Anyway...the bike ride was good and fast tonight, and I only have a bazillion things to do before bed. Whee.

I think you're neat. I especially like that thing you do with your hair.


Awesome Sara said...

OMG are you alright???? do you need anything??? not like i could really do anything but i am here.

Magic Pants Jones said...

I'm okay, my head just feels like someone inflated a balloon inside!

I'll still go riding on Saturday.