Monday, May 25, 2009

Seeing Hands - Dengue Fever

What a trippy, trippy TV show.

I'm sorry to people who like reading this for my absence. Between the end of the school year (12 more days!), bike rides, and endless rain for the past week, I've been dead all the rest of the time, and just haven't felt like posting. After getting my first bike ride in in 9 days, and finding out that my kids have all passed the ridiculous state education test, I'm feeling suddenly energized. The next 2 or three weeks will be tough to get through, but after that, I should be back to normal. Oh, and also, my house is being tented this week. Let's hear it for poison gas. It'll be good to be termite and palmetto bug free, but that stuff creeps me out.

In getting ready for the gas invasion, I'm supposed to take out all opened food containers, pillows, and medicines. I've decided that dog toys should come, too. I washed all of Wes' toys, but there were several that were either torn apart, or on the verge of it. I've been all eco and sewn things up in the past, but it usually doesn't last long. Anyway, here are his friends that are being retired:

It's hard to tell, but this goose is gutted:
From Retired Toys

The Busy Bee has lost an arm and a foot. Sad, sad Busy Bee:
From Retired Toys

This Taco Bell Chihuahua has lost his head and his left, rear leg. What an undignified end for such a prominent pitchman:
From Retired Toys

This pig just seems like he needs a good washing...
From Retired Toys

Until you see its backside...
From Retired Toys

Similarly, Drunken Froggie appears to need a bath and a good night's sleep...
From Retired Toys

But no....he also needs to be un-disemboweled:
From Retired Toys

Poor Mr. pineapple is having a brain hemorrhage:
From Retired Toys

Little Brown Doggie ended up keeping her job, but the t-shirt had to go. It made her look like she'd had a rough night:
From Retired Toys

And finally, Captain Sheep is having problems in his 'private area', but now worry, Wes has at least 2 more sheep:
From Retired Toys

I'm not sure how much I'll be updating over the next couple of weeks, but once summer break starts, I'll be prolific again. Until next time, have a swell day.


lightning in a bottle said...

your best post yet! i couldn't stop awwww'ing and laughing as i scroll down the pictures.

wes' toys are so cute. he's OBVIOUSLY loved them to bits!

and don't stay away too long. we need our almost daily mpj fix.

ps - congrats to your students. way to go kids!

drollgirl said...

sianara to old toys that kept the doggie happy!

i had my place tented for termites last year. what a pain that is!!! but you are smart to follow instructions. my neighbor did not, and that made me rather nervous when i found out he ate all the food that was in his house, even if UNCOVERED, UNCANNED, AND UNREFRIGERATED. egads!

and you hang in there. you are in the home stretch! life will be nice and easy for you soon!