Thursday, May 7, 2009

My head is swimming...

Cherry Blossoms - Tindersticks

And yet, I soldier on. No words from the every day. My kids were good today, my class moms rock, having made me a nice lunch, and an afternoon math tutoring session went well. And now...some adult math tutoring, The Office, and 30 Rock, and then sweet blissful sleep. Spitzle may be taking another night off. Apologies to the faithful.

Here's what I saw tonight...
This tree appeared right as the above song played on my Zune (that's right, I have a Zune...scoff if you will, it's been nice to me). The tree, my headache, and the slow, sad, beautiful music meshed so perfectly:
From Sleepy Walk

I like your goatee, Mr. Kitty:
From Sleepy Walk

And your stairway, Mr. Dilapidated Garage:
From Sleepy Walk

Retired extras from an old James Bond movie:
From Sleepy Walk

Could this be the set of any 1970's cop show?
From Sleepy Walk

From Sleepy Walk

I love you, Sad Door:
From Sleepy Walk

And Rachel, whom I do not know, seems to have some caring friends. Happy Belated Freakin' Birthday, Rachel (look close):
From Sleepy Walk

And though I don't usually post other peoples' content...I love you, The Red House!

Now go and eat some fresh fruit. It's good for you.


Awesome Sara said...

ooo I like the song you choose!

Awesome Sara said...

you could do an art n crafts thing with your class and make dolls for like homeless babies or something. they have pre-made blank dolls and they could go crazy. you should buy one of the featured dolls for your classroom kids go nutty for stuff toys!

drollgirl said...

love the retired extras! and kitty with goatee should come to me!

Pen Pen said...

...I'm pretty blown away right now! I think we just connected on a psychic level!! That song is INSANE!! I NEED to get it on my playlist! -and the TREE!!!! OMG!!
I've had such a shitty time the last few days -I've been wrapped up in some difficult life stuff-, but I feel connected- thank you! I'm gonna listen to ur song and go make some dinner now! Much luv!

Magic Pants Jones said...

Forgive my not responding or commenting for days. My head's been miserable. Sara and Pen Pen, I'm glad you liked that song as much as I did. I'm hoping you like tonight's too.

Should I subtitle this blog: A blog about neighborhood cats, live oaks, and old houses?