Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's...Five for Friday!

It's the (sometimes) weekly chronicle of things I'm loving, or at least enjoying. Here we go!

1. My Luchadore mask!
It came in the mail on Tuesday, and was totally overshadowed by the chicken incident. I haven't come up with a Luchadore name yet, but I'm aiming to have a great time with it when I do, and when I've gathered parts for a costume. For once I'm going to have Halloween set before October 30.
From Five for Friday, May 1

2. New, tiny artwork
I bought these two robot painting/drawings tonight. They're the work of my artistic godfather, Steve Marrazzo, of Simple Gestures. The best place in St. Augustine to be on First Friday.
From Five for Friday, May 1

From Five for Friday, May 1

3. Walter Bishop on Fringe
I love Fringe in general. It's a nice mix of procedural spookfest and overarching puzzle-box. That said, the real gem, and the character that makes this more than just an X-Files wannabe, is John Noble as Walter Bishop. His loopy genius is the source of the show's laughs, as his non-sequiturs cut the tension in most of his scenes. Typically, at the most gruesome moment of an examination or autopsy, Walter will ask about something banal, usually food (cotton candy, coffee cake), but sometimes just out of the blue, like when he asked for a turntable to listen to his old records during a crime scene briefing. I understand that someone explaining why something is funny never works, and unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding good clips of Walter, so you'll just have to watch the show, or roll your eyes, and write this one off.
From Walter

4. Back 40's Veggie Chili Mac Bowl
At The Back 40 in St. Augustine, there's a lot of delicious food, but I keep going back to this one. It's penne pasta, bean chili, scallions, cheese, and jalapenos. Mmmm!

5. Forcing kids to dance.
This isn't a tough one. Most kids like to dance, even if they're clueless as to how. This week, we're talking Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder, and their dance moves were astounding, dumbfounding, awesome, and ridiculous. It was sublime.

Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder

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Awesome Sara said...

I LOVE FRINGE!!!!! i love the dyamic between walter and peter. that and ive crush on peter since i was about 11 when he was on dawson's creek. i just wish they would explain more of this army before they cancel the show.

og i found a band that made me think of you. its called bon iver. i have listening to creature fear on repeat. i would put it on my blog, if i could figure out how.