Monday, May 4, 2009


I Dont Like Mondays - The Boomtown Rats

The song is a cliche for a Monday, innit? Don't mass murder dreams here. The title is enough of a sentiment for me. It's funny how such a fun song (with hand claps!) can be so dark. Thank you, Bob Geldof!, being tired from the weekend's cycling, being hot from muggy weather and blue jeans, being uncomfortable from the flea bites on my ankles and the ant bites on my toes (welcome to Florida!), I fantasized for just a minute that swine flu would come to my community, and we could take a couple of days off.

But really, things are going fun in school right now. We're gardening, the kids are writing fun stories, it's all good, I was just in need of a nap, and maybe some relaxation. So...I'm not riding until Wednesday.

No photos or drawings today. I think the camera's coming out after work tomorrow, though.

Oh, and you...the one reading these words? You're swell!


Pen Pen said...

just realized I wasn't officially a follower of ur awesomeness and remedied the situation:)
I love that song!! I forwarded it to some other people who will crack up too!!
Mondays suck!!

Oh!!! and I wanted to see what area of Florida u were in(if u don't want to say on the computer-I understand). I was born in Stuart and we lived in Fort Pierce for a year. I also have friends up by Pensecola :) B-e-a-utiful state!! :)

Magic Pants Jones said...

Glad to have ya as a follower! I'm up in St. Augustine. I haven't been all over yet, even though I've been here 6 years. I mostly like it, though.

drollgirl said...

you just seem like such a cool guy! i love to read about your life. it is so different than mine, and that is just fab!

p.s. i love that yellow striped house, too. just fantastic!

Awesome Sara said...

bob geolof, has some weird ass offsprings. he has one named peaches honey blossom. i see addiction in her future. i liek this song, claps should be on all songs.

Magic Pants Jones said...

drollgirl - the feelings are reciprocal!

Sara - There's definitely some tabloid ready stuff going on there!