Sunday, May 17, 2009

I have been MIA...

I know, I'm sorry! It's been a curious mix of tired, annoyed (there are just over 3 weeks of school left), sick, and just feeling blah. But I'm back, I'm almost feeling energized, and I have photos for you. But first...

Lloyd, Im Ready To Be Heartbroken - Camera Obscura

Looking up...
From A short evening walk

Bombay's Market, from the side. It's got none of the great locals around, but they're there most of the time.
From A short evening walk

One Way. Or less. I like the simple graff.
From A short evening walk

...and the sticker:
From A short evening walk

Hel-lo, housetop!
From A short evening walk

We are porch rails, and we would like repair.
From A short evening walk

This tree, I've heard - in talks around the neighborhood, was considered too dangerous to be left to roam free. It's been tied down for weeks, but it's spirit hasn't given in. Look how it pulls at the ropes:
From A short evening walk

Left to it's own devices, any Florida landscape will take over within a matter of minutes. The last story, the one about the tree, should prepare you for this. I left for my walk, this yard was bare. On the way back home, I see this:
From A short evening walk

Drunken shopping trip?
From Sunday Walk

I'm not sure what this barrel holds, but there's a tube into the bathroom of the house.
From Sunday Walk

Need booze, food, darts or pool? Perhaps the Gigglin' Gator is for you.
From Sunday Walk

This garage would look perfect with some Dharma Initiative vans in front of it:
From Sunday Walk

And, goodnight. I'm gonna go watch Don and Betty Draper carry on their uncomfortable and dysfunctional marriage, surrounded as it is by beautiful clothes and furnishings. Why didn't I discover Mad Men when it was new? Thank goodness for DVD.
From A short evening walk


lightning in a bottle said...

i love this song. great play of the day!

p.s. have you took a listen to camera's new song, french navy yet?

i like it even if it sounds reminiscent of madness' song, embarrassment.

Magic Pants Jones said...

I have not heard it yet, but I think you may send me hurtling toward amazon (or emusic, if my monthly allotment will cover it).

sexypoet said...

speaking of darhma... OMG! what did you think of the finale?? i think it was their best season since season 1. i can't wait for next season to find out what will become of them. will they "all" be back on flight 815 and alive or will they perish from the bomb? or will they still be split apart by 30 years? it's about time a finale cliffhanger was done right!!

glad your back my friend!

Awesome Sara said...

i like this song. nice. hope you come back soon!! i really like the pic of the shopping cart. i feel like the shopping cart.

one little simitopian said...

Haha! I want one of those stickers for my collection of quirky things!
I like that first photo too- looks like an abstract painting at first glance.

Anonymous said...

If your head hurts a lot, you should try a migrastick, it's aromatherapy, and you can get it at diane's new dawn. it has a mostly peppermint smell, so it helps your headache, and energizes you, too! good luck with that... :)

drollgirl said...

GREAT SHOTS! and by scott, i hope you are having a fabulous weekend!