Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Forgive me, please...

These Things - She Wants Revenge

I hope you'll forgive me for geeking out for a second on Fringe again:
So...Peter is actually a parallel universe(PU) Peter because the original Peter died in 1985? Did Walter steal him from parallel Walter? How awful.
Also...is Nina Sharp's right arm gone because it was chopped off in a PU? And Olivia's ability to switch to parallel Olivia's consciousness is because of her Cortexaphan testing as a child? What a handy way to meet with William Bell in the WTC. I kept looking at this episode and thinking, how are they gonna wrap this up nicely in the next 10 minutes, and yet, not only did they wrap things up for the season, they made me giddy with geeky questions at the end. Nicely done, Fringe crew.

Now...I've been all stuffy nosed. I've been phlegmy throated, I've been headachey that makes you weep and nauseous. I've been over busy and over tired. I'm glad to be mellow and up for writing tonight.

Friday, I took a walk downtown, where St. Augustine hosted a Snoop Dogg concert on Friday night. It was really odd for there to be a concert on the events field in town. Odder still to have it be someone who uses so much profanity on stage. Let me be clear here. I love profanity. I have a foul, foul mouth, and a dark sense of humor sometimes. I don't often swear in anger, I don't do a lot of anger. I do, however, like to swear for the fun of it. However, as a teacher, and as a person, I know that too much is just noise pollution for a lot of people, so I use it judiciously. Snoop, however, has no such constraints, and St. Augustine was echoing Friday with things like, "Put ya muthaf*****n' hands in the air!" Um...I'm not sure I see the city being keen on that. Even so, it was fun to watch.

I've never been a big Snoop fan. I like him in small doses. Maybe in a feature role on someone's song, or a bit on a TV show. It was still pretty cool, though. He wasn't as good live as I'd hoped, but the novelty of catching a concert for free by standing on a sidewalk downtown, while the people who'd paid were inside the fence, was pretty neat.

Anyway, I've taken some evening walk pics lately, and I thought I'd drop a bunch of them here.

Adorable Neighborhood Cat Toys With Debilitated Anole
From Evening Walks

Cats are master killers!

Police stops seemed to be up on Friday...hmmm...hip hop in town means there's more police presence!
From Evening Walks

Love this entrance, so institutional...
From Evening Walks

Find your home, Saphi:
From Evening Walks

Hello, Sidewalk Chalkers:
From Evening Walks

From Evening Walks

From Evening Walks

Love this house:
From Evening Walks

"Stay out of my yard!"
From Evening Walks

Alleys rock! People have such nice houses from up front, but the backs of their houses and garages are so much cooler looking from the back.
From Evening Walks

Tiiiiiiiiiiin Roof! Rusted!
From Evening Walks

Nice weathering on this sign:
From Evening Walks

Sad, dead-eyed cat. I want to take her to the vet and spend all the money on her to make her healthy and not sad looking. As it is, she looks pretty spooky.
From Evening Walks
From Evening Walks

And it's Bo, my friend Nancy's neighbor dog. Bo's a goofy boy, but he's sweet.
From Evening Walks
From Evening Walks

Have a swell time, and remember this wisdom from my favorite headline of the day: Freaks Survive Because They Are Strange.


lightning in a bottle said...

good lord! spooky cat. looks like it's in need of a hug, if only it didn't creep me out so much.

and however did you get a shot of the tin roof? scaling houses that we didn't know about?

drollgirl said...

fab photos! and the barf one?!?!? hahahahhaha

and i am sure a little snoop goes a long way. :)

one little simitopian said...

You've been busy! Oh I want to give that cat a big cuddle, poor widdw fing...
haha, love the chalk graffiti :D

Sounds like Snizzle Dizzle waz da shizzle. Not many peeps get to see him fo' frizzle! Lucky dawwwwg.

Pen Pen said...

I had a cat that ran away after we moved, but then we got a call from someone near our old house two weeks later and he WAS THERE!! He had 'gone home'!! WILD!!

AND--- I LOVE 'Fringe'! I just saw my first episode last week and now I'm hooked-tho I think it's still in it's early stages where the show isn't as quick to flow-but I can't wait to watch it grow!! :)

clorivak said...

This totally makes me want to go for evening walks!!! Super nice photos.

That poor kitty, is it a stray?? It looks like a horror film cat with that one crazy eye..awww...i hope its okay.

btw..i love she wants revenge..i used to BLAST "written in blood"(the song) in my car when i first heard it. Great Highway song.

JaxHulk said...

Ahhhh - you need to do a "spoiler alert" some of us DVR our Fringe. LOL. Actually you probably helped me understand the PU concepts. LOVE IT! Awesome photos. I wanted to write a story about the sad house you photo'd a few weeks ago, I still might... I will share with you. Have a great rest of your week.

Awesome Sara said...

i love that you know your fringe!! i suspected tehre was something wiggy with peter, i mean walter always blurts out about his health, i can;t he stole him from the other world!!! i cannot wait for the next season, i love william bell, olivia is probably like the best super solider lady and i want the bald guy to have more say in the episode, he is just wicked!!!