Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Delicious, delicious, chill out night.

Mas Que Nada - Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66

I got tomorrow's morning work up today, left work, napped, walked Wes, got a couple of groceries, and watched Fringe. After work, it was never about obligation, never about somewhere I needed to be. Such a nice evening. On the photo front: cats, dogs, palms, and ice cream truck, amongst other things. Now...I'm gonna wash my bike clothes before bed so I can ride tomorrow after work.

This character knew exactly what I was doing. He never blinked about Wes, but the photoshoot was on his terms:
From Evening Walk in Lincolnville

Is it just me, or does Beethoven ever sound better than when it's being played in high pitched tones on a scratchy tape loop?
From Evening Walk in Lincolnville

Shouldn't this boat's name have an exclamation point? Incredible!
From Evening Walk in Lincolnville

From Evening Walk in Lincolnville

The lottery is a tax on people who don't understand probability. More evidence here:
From Evening Walk in Lincolnville

I <3 style="width: auto;">From Evening Walk in Lincolnville
From Evening Walk in Lincolnville

(so damned handsome!)

A shy kitty who doesn't understand that fences keep her safe from my dog:
From Evening Walk in Lincolnville

From Evening Walk in Lincolnville

The tail was wagging, but the rest of the body language said, "Get off my block, or so help me, I'm gonna figure out how to get off this chain."
From Evening Walk in Lincolnville


Awesome Sara said...

AW I like you too!!! even you like custards and root beer. Different strokes for different folks! I love wes!!! he is so cool.

sexypoet said...

love that handsome doggie at the end. he looked mean..

lots of black and orange kitteh's in your neighborhood huh? haven't seen many other colord ones.

i love the ice cream man.. he hasn't been thru here yet this season but, i always have to get something from him as my icecream in the freezer is just never as good.

i am with sara on the custardy thing.. i'm sure it's great but it's just a texture thing for me.. kind of like cheesecake.. i hate the texture and can't bring myself to touch it. i am going to tag myself and answer some of my hates later today.. big smooches to you both!

has anyone heard from simi? i miss her.... hope she is okay..

lightning in a bottle said...

eek. that shy kitty looks pretrified! i almost want to go and soothe it.

drollgirl said...

i don't know which is better -- your photos or your commentaries! i love them both.

and was is so gorgeous and handsome all wrapped up in a beautiful coat of fur. WES!!!

Anonymous said...

there's nothing like a happy Golden!