Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sooooo tired!

Today was a long day, so I'm just gonna list plusses and minuses:

+ Fun writing activity with my students. There was very little writing, it was more about acting at this point. They don't know they're working.
+ Our school district wheedled state and federal money as best they could, and no one will be laid off this year due to budget cuts. Go!
+ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is totally captivating my students, as I knew it would. Such a fun book!
- Lamest bullying assembly ever.
+ The Wednesday Night Bike Ride ROCKED.
+ Dinner with my bike friends at Sierra Grille was tasty and fun.
- I got home too late to watch Lost, so I'll have to catch up this weekend.

All in all, a tremendous day. I hope this writing finds you well. Sorry about no pictures.


Awesome Sara said...

i wish a had a good day too. geez, rub it in... do you eat hamburgers in front of starving children too.

Magic Pants Jones said...

No, but only because I'm a vegetarian. I did eat an apple cinnamon muffin in front of my students today. A student from another class brought me one, and I ate it and it was yummy.