Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So tired!

Boum! - Charles Trenet

Wow, babies, the Wednesday night bike ride kicked my @$$. Did I know this would happen? Yes I did. And I generally kept up in ways that weren't shameworthy, but I see now that I still have progress to make. I love this ride because it pushes me so hard.

Today was good, folks, but nothing to crow about. I didn't get any good photography in, so I thought I'd show you more fun things.

When I moved into this house, I moved in upstairs, and Joe, who lived in the apartment I'm in now, brought me the picture below. He said it had been here when he moved in, and he thought it was appropriate for me. I like this picture because although it's accurate looking, it looks like someone had it done at a fair or somewhere that artists can sketch you quickly:
From Household Fun

My Charlie Weaver Bartender toy is one that I've never put batteries in. I suppose I should. He comes from my grandmother's attic, as well as from a time when alcoholics were called drunks, and they were part of the comedy landscape on TV, radio, and in films. If I ever buy him batteries, I promise to shoot video for you. Also, you can see him unboxed over at MPJ 365:
From Household Fun

My friend Brie crochets the coolest stuff. I keep telling her that she needs to open an Etsy store. She's in town right now, and I was told that she did the farmer's market, and sold out a bunch of stuff quickly this morning. She made me this super cool Katamari for my birthday. Check it out, the tips have magnets. It'll only pick up paperclips right now, but imagine, when it gets big enough, it can pick up bananas, bagels, and birds, just like in the game.
From Household Fun

For the record, if you like today's music, I'm telling you, you should check out Charles Trenet. He was France's clown prince of music in the 30's and 40's. He's awesome. If you don't like it, um, don't bother.

If you want to bribe me to post about something in particular, just let me know. I'm pretty easy to buy.


Brie said...

great song! he sings my all time favorites "la mer"... glad you like the ball :)

one little simitopian said...

Cool images! And i love the quirky crochet!
Brie- listen to MPJ and open up that store!