Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday was...

Triumphant, and then also lazy....

Golden Brown - The Stranglers

Getting up, I just made it into physical therapy, and greeted Katie, back from her honeymoon. I asked her about my goals. I said that my biggest had been riding well, and that I'd met it from my point of view. I asked what my other goals, were. Did I have any left?

She told me she'd been looking them over, and couldn't see any reason for me to continue after today.

So, I'm done with therapy. Although I could go for wellness ($55 a month), I think I could join a gym, tell a trainer of my issues, and work on core exercises. But for a little while, I'm just excited to know that I can go bicycling on those nights that I had therapy scheduled.

The rest of the day involved lunch, waiting out the rain, walking Wes, and watching my old school get their hat handed to them in the NCAA championship game. Oh, and I fell asleep in my chair, waking up to type this.

Here're the pics I took walking around tonight:
From Walking Wes, April 6

Hello, Turtle!
From Walking Wes, April 6

Read the sign, is it necessary?
From Walking Wes, April 6

Nice tree, waiting for its time:
From Walking Wes, April 6

The back of Pot Belly's, our second-run movie theater. Currently showing: Slumdog Millionaire, The Reader, The International, and Taken. You can go see one of these movies if you want a musty environment while you watch your movie:
From Walking Wes, April 6

From Walking Wes, April 6

Another shot of the Lightner Museum. It's an old hotel, and now serves as the house of one dead industrialist's OCD based collection mania. It's fantastic inside:
From Walking Wes, April 6

Flagler College at dusk:
From Walking Wes, April 6

In town, I ran into a former student eating ice cream. While his dad and I talked about my accident, he and Wes had themselves a time:
From Walking Wes, April 6

If there were a Magic Pants Jones Pantsfest, how much notice would you need to come down to Florida? What sort of events would you enjoy? I don't think I'd have enough call for one, but it would be kinda fun...


drollgirl said...

done with therapy!!! that is so exciting! it must be nice to know that your time is now your own and that you are past the therapy part. woo hoo! i am excited for you!

and sorry about the redheads on my post. i had a hell of a time thinking of famous redheaded dudes. :[

sexypoet said...

great picture of the college at dusk.. love the pink sky!
pantsfest? lmao.. too many ideas in my mind right now. haha

Magic Pants Jones said...

drollgirl - happier than you can imagine, and no worries about your straw poll...I just think that some of the redheads were freakish outside of their redheadedness.

sexy - Thanks about the photo...I like picking out scenes as I'm walking around, and it's always nice when the shot works out. And pantsfest isn't some big orgy...it's just a self-aggrandizing pipe dream.

jadecryingwolf said...

This redhead says Pantsfest is a go, but since I am a delicate California flower, Florida in times of less humidity will make me and my red hair much happier (and less frizzier).