Sunday, April 5, 2009


Tumbling Tumbleweeds - Gene Autry

On the first group ride (and what a big group...there were 60 or so there) since my crash, I was riding oh so fast. I was jumping the gaps between groups of riders, and using the tail wind to riiiiide. The last gap wore me out, though, and I was so happy to see the gas station where we were planning to break, when I heard a big kachunk. Someone yelled crash, and I knew that if I were going to keep riding today, I would have to let others take care of it. After all of the fallout, it turns out that some touch of wheels or something caused a chain reaction which had:
-my friend Jane with a messed up knee
-my friend Chris with a finger that bent sideways
-some guy bailing out into the other lane, and being hit by a car. The driver was terrified, thinking he'd killed somebody, but the rider just broke his ankle and had his bike in pieces.

The rest of the day had less people riding, there were a lot of turnarounds at that point. This has been a rough 12 months for our group. One friend crashed hard out of the blue last summer, three friends witnessed a woman crash in the mountains (she died a few days later), another broke his shoulder (collarbone?) in the fall, and I got taken out in December. Now, it turns out we had another buddy with prostate cancer (after surgery, it looks good...), a broken finger, and a busted up knee yesterday. Yikes!

I'm all beat now, which is why I didn't post last night. It's not the crash that did me in, it's the combo of sleeplessness on Friday night, and the horrendous headwind on the way back. Today's ride, if there is one is going to involve slow riding in St. Augustine with a camera.

On the way to a friend's birthday, I took pics of the drive. It was a gorgeous afternoon as I crossed the intracoastal over to the barrier island:
From April 4

And a neat stretch of road with no houses, just park land...occasional parking lots with walkways to the beach side, and coastal scrub in between:
From April 4

And lastly, my friend Ro's dogs, Nelson:
From April 4

and Reese:
From April 4

Right where you are, please think of someone who makes you feel like more than you are. Smile about them.


lightning in a bottle said...

gee willikers, riding can be a dangerous thing. i hope everyone will be okay!

but i'm glad you had a wonderful day at your friend's birthday.

one little simitopian said...

Holy crap. I'm glad it wasn't worse! The road can be a dangerous place indeed...

OMG! little doggy at the end is a ridiculously cute little bundle!!!!!

Magic Pants Jones said...

It can be dangerous. My best justification is that the joy of a good ride, coupled with the danger of becoming a couch potato far outweighs the odds of crashing. That said, I think I'm sticking with group rides with people I know for now.

Cannondaler said...

Dude! There was yet another crash on the World Golf ride on Sunday. A guy in the fast group endo'd and racked himself up pretty good(collar bone, unconsciousness, blood, scary) It's been a hell of a year so far. Thanks for coming to my birthday party and it's great to have you back on the bike.

Magic Pants Jones said...

Holy heck! Where on the ride did it happen? My brain automatically flashed to somewhere around the 32 mile point, but I don't know why. Was it anyone we know?

And your party was awesome. I was glad to be there.