Thursday, April 9, 2009

I went for a solo ride today...

Drunken Lullabies - Flogging Molly

I was reminded of this rule: If the ride is fast and easy on the way out, the wind will be in your face on the way back. Dayum, it was windy. Oh well. I got a few good pictures today, as always, there's one over at MPJ 365, and I had a fun dinner at Back 40 with friends. I had the Vegetarian Chili Mac bowl with extree jalapenos. Yum! After a small lunch and a bike ride, I ate that right up.

Here're pics:
Stopped at a light, I caught this picture of palm trees by the bay. Notice: they're all blowy.
From Bike Ride

The Francis and Mary Usina Bridge. Everyone here calls it the Vilano Bridge because it takes you from St. Augustine to Vilano Beach. Just about any time on a sunny day there are runners, walkers, and cyclists doing this bridge.
From Bike Ride

The view from the top of the bridge. You're looking at the Vilano Beach Pier in the Intracoastal Waterway. You can see a sliver of the ocean at far left.
From Bike Ride

My bike, parked at the beach entrance for the restaurant, The Reef.
From Bike Ride

Pelicans, using the wind just as I had before.
From Bike Ride

I think you're swell.


sexypoet said...

sounds like you had yourself a nice day.. =)

drollgirl said...

lordy, what a gorgeous and fun day!!!

lightning in a bottle said...

a nice day at the beach. lovely.

Awesome Sara said...

you looked like you had an afternoon.

Magic Pants Jones said...

Oh, it was pretty, but the wind, it was miserable!