Friday, April 10, 2009

Fantastic Voyage

Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

I just bought the Leonard Cohen Live in London album. If you're up for deep voiced darkness with backup singers, it's fantastic.

The morning started out with my friend Nancy calling and asking if I wanted to do a 30 mile ride south to Matanzas Inlet. Heck yes...and we were off. It was 15+ miles into the wind on the way out. We were all struggle and grunt.
From Bike ride to Matanzas, 4-10-09

When we got there, it was tremendous. We knew we were done with the wind, and the ocean's water was a gorgeous hue of blue.
From Bike ride to Matanzas, 4-10-09

From Bike ride to Matanzas, 4-10-09

The ride back was so nice, with the wind at our back it was anywhere from 7-10 miles per hour faster. And we ended up at Stir It Up, which is the porch of a big old house with a kitchen inside. They make great food - sandwiches and smoothies. We both had an avocado melt, and they made 'em extra big because they like us there. I also had an amazingly good raspberry bar.
From Bike ride to Matanzas, 4-10-09

From Bike ride to Matanzas, 4-10-09

And then it was just a short ride home, with an easy ride over the temporary bridge.
From Bike ride to Matanzas, 4-10-09

Later in the day, I got two shots of the mall that I really liked. I wasn't shopping at the mall, I promise, just cutting through the lot on the way to paying my rent.
From Ponce Mall

From Ponce Mall

After that, it was dinner, and a walk with Wes collecting Spitzle pictures. I'm thinking of having a Spitzle Contest. Would anyone be interested?


drollgirl said...

what a super day! i cannot believe you can ride 30 miles. that is SO FAR. just crazy, but very good.

and your lunch looks DIVINE. i might walk a mile to get it. :)

spitzle contest. BRILLIANT. do it.

and hope you and wes have a fab weekend!

Pen Pen said...

Holy Jesus!! That's a beautiful place to ride!! for seriously!!!!

Magic Pants Jones said...

On my worst days, when everything seems to be hell, if I can get out on the bike, and I can see what I have just by being here, it makes it all feel a little better.

jadecryingwolf said...

I am totally down with a Spitzle contest! So glad you and Wes are feeling better and that you can ride like the wind again.

sexypoet said...

the pictures are fabulous.. i especially love the ones of that georgeous water. wow! makes me miss being down there.

so whats the dealy with the spitzy contest?

one little simitopian said...

Holy crap! you must be super-fit, sir! you certainly see some lovely scenery though.
Omg that avocado thing looks good! *drools*
Spitzle contest you say? Will it be scary? Sounds interesting!

lightning in a bottle said...

i LOVE avocados! that avocado melt in pita looks so yummy!

looks like another great riding day!

did i mention i love avocados? :)

Awesome Sara said...

man, i wish i had a day like yours!!! the inlet is like a postcard, i'm so thrilled you are feeling better for bike rides!!

Magic Pants Jones said...

The avocado melt is a perfect sandwich, you're right to drool, and yeah, I'm excited to be riding so well so soon. I live in a great place to ride - it's not too crowded yet, the weather is great, and there are a lot of cyclists. On top of all that, this whole county is a walking, talking postcard.

Spitzle contest comes on a day when I've got more thinking energy. This weekend's rides have wiped me out.

And yes, you did mention that you love avocados.