Friday, April 17, 2009

Five for Friday is back...

I'm reviving my Five for Friday feature. Each week, it's five things I'm liking, five things that have been on my mind, or five things that have been significant in my life for the week.

1. Bike indecision...when I get my bike replacement money, what do I get? The custom colored Madone? The Scott Addict? Maybe a Ridley or a BMC? I know that at that level, I kinda can't go wrong, but which is the rightest answer?


2. Watching Glastonbury highlights on PalladiaHD. I've gotten to see some ace performances tonight , I really liked Vampire Weekend, and Goldfrapp was pretty fantastic. And now, as I'm typing, it's The National doing Fake Empire. Awesome!

3. New pants! I bought new pants yesterday. Nothing special, but I must say, I do love walkin' around in new pants!

4. Bombay's Market.
From Friday Evening
I'm pretty sure this isn't the real name of my neighborhood corner store, and I'm positive Bombay isn't his real name, but that's what everyone calls the proprietor, even to his face. He doesn't argue, so who am I to start something? Normally, this is my stop for a Coke and a couple of the itty bitty Peppermint Patties. That said, I've picked up all sorts of slightly overpriced resold groceries in a pinch here. Want something people don't buy much of? You get a free layer of dust! There's always someone pumping their last quarter into the little quarter bulldozer game that robs people, and someone else buying scratch offs. The parking lot is a good place to get panhandled, and on more than one occasion, I've heard/seen:
* drunken rants
* alcohol driven arguments
* hair extensions laying in the middle of the parking lot, as if there had been a hair pulling fight.
You also get lots of sly, surreptitious drug sales going on around there.

5. Crazy fun. I passed out stuffed animals this week, and I had the kids come up names, likes, dislikes, voices, and personalities for their animals. It was a sly way of having them hop into writing without realizing they were writing. The results were hilarious, and I was permagrinning when the kids took turns acting for their animals, introducing themselves to the others. Then, when they were interviewing each other, I was dying, it was so much fun!

Have a swell weekend, it may get busy for me, so it may just be Spitzle and MPJ365, but I'm not sure. I'll try to update.

Now, this next thing is horrifying and awesome, but please is not for children, work, or anyone offended. Also, if you have epilepsy, and you're triggered by flashing lights, DO NOT WATCH! I laughed my butt off watching this, but I also kinda wanted to unsee it, so consider yourself warned:
Dance Floor Dale.


Life With Dogs said...

I'm a mountain biker - enemy of roadies, but I get the obsession. High end bikes are fun. And I did not suffer a seizure...

Magic Pants Jones said...

Bikes rock. I'm not allowed to trail ride right now (doctor's orders), but I love all bikes. Road bikes, mountain bikes, single speeds, fixies (though they kinda freak me out), tall bikes, they're all neat to me. And good that you didn't suffer a seizure.