Sunday, April 12, 2009

Embarrassing Cross Post!

sweet soul revue - picazzo five

In an embarrassing bout of laziness, I've decided to cross-post the MPJ365 pic of the day here. This is a felt board that I've got above my desk, I've had it since 2000, when it came with an apartment. I thought it'd be fun to talk about the some of the things that are hanging around.

* In the upper-left, there's a fish made for me by a student named Beatrice. I subbed in her 2nd grade classroom a lot in 1998.

* The concert ticket in the upper right is for a Peter Gabriel show on June 29, 2003. It was the last concert I went to in Michigan.

* Just below it is a fantastic afro-diva drawn by a little girl named Stephanie back in 2000.

* The Feiffer comic has a lady shooting a guy for laughing at her flower. She explains: I have a commitment to beauty.

* Most of the golden retriever photos are Wes (including his class picture in the lower left), but the ones in the top middle-ish section, the ones with the white borders are his predecessor, Summer. I got her when she was 2 and a half, so the name stuck. She was soon after diagnosed with cancer, and lived another year or so. Awesome dog. The black and white dog sharing picture space with Wes and one of my early graffiti style paintings is Nina. She's my friend Kim's dog.

* Speaking of my art, here's a mini rundown of my work on the board. There's the marker drawing plan for one of my favorite graff-style paintings: the yellow girl with green hair on a red background. The final ended up being blue haired. You can see the scan of all the bottle cap magnet girls I drew, the two paper and pen line drawings near the bottom, the hanging sideways brown paper girls in the center, the strip of little tiny people at center right is tough to see, and a flyer for a show of mine is hidden behind the lamp. Bottom center is a painting I'd done of a girl on Mars. It was painted on the back of a window. It has since smashed to pieces when it fell from the buyer's wall (not my fault). The buyer passed away a couple of years ago.

* You can see local artists that I like, most of whose names I can't recall immediately, also work by Warhol, Bask, Lichtenstein, Haring, Shag, Jill Thompson, and more.

* The Jelly Donut photo is one I took.

* At bottom left, you can see a Pizzicato Five post card. Near center right, there's a P5 button. I've seen them a couple of times, and they're still one of my favorite bands.

* Next to my P5 button is one my friend Joe gave me. It has an old lady saying, "Some people say corn dogs are for eating, I say that's ridiculous."

* You can see my political leanings here, and I can tell you that all my 'O' buttons are elsewhere.

* The calendar shows my love for cycling.

This is the bulletin board of an art geek. Oh, and if you want to see it bigger, you can go to my flickr page for it.


sexypoet said...

okay i have been playing wheres waldo for a little while now.. where is the jelly doughnut? lol i can't find it.

Magic Pants Jones said...

It's a trick, sexy, it's a photo of a 'Jelly Donut' sign, and it's just to the upper left of the lamp shade (lower right on the board).

Awesome Sara said...

i love it when you post "the things in my home" you have the neatest stuff!! yea it took me a while to find the damn jelly donut too!!

drollgirl said...

this is too cool!!! much cooler than the scrillions of manilla folders i have with clippings of everything that catches my eye. it is a mess!

and i wonder how peter gabriel was? i hope good!

sexypoet said...

i feel like such a tard now. LOL i was looking for an actual doughnut. your sneaky!