Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Drawing class

Origin of Love - Hedwig and the Angry Inch

It's my first time at drawing class since November. My heart wasn't completely in it tonight because I'm super tired, but I still had a few pics that turned out alright. And because I'm tired, I've got no cute little comments tonight.

Now, here are drawings of a naked lady:
Her face was hard to draw...which is funny because normally, I'm a face guy.
From Drawing Class 4-14

When in doubt, go cartoony...it's always a better option for me...
From Drawing Class 4-14

This didn't look like the model at all, but I was pleased with how it turned out:
From Drawing Class 4-14

From Drawing Class 4-14

Definitely from the warm up set:
From Drawing Class 4-14

Have a swell night. I love you.


Fresh Paper said...

very lovely, the last one is my favorite. none of my figure drawings have faces or hands, just smudges. at school, i had four semesters of life drawing with the same model, he used to bring candy to class for everyone.

lightning in a bottle said...

i was in fashion design school years ago and one of my favourite classes was figure drawing. i loved sketching with charcoals and pencils and painting with gouche. fun stuff.

joo said...

Hi, your drawings are good, I like especially the last one.
Interesting blog!

sexypoet said...

your pictures came out really good. when is your next class?

one little simitopian said...

Brilliant! I actually really love the last one best. It's amazing how a few simple lines can transform into an amazing image. I've been to a few life-drawing classes before, and I was really pleased with how much it improved the way I drew.

Hooray for hedwig too! I'm loving the inclusion of all this music.

Dina said...


drollgirl said...

look at you go!!! figure drawing is tough. i took it for years and years and wouldn't mind doing it again. maybe this is the poke/prodding that i needed! thank you. ;)

Awesome Sara said...

i smell a budding artist. someone will be famous one day!

Magic Pants Jones said...

Thanks everyone! Sara, don't you remember my other paintings? I used to have a life as a selling artist. I just lost interest in the work it took to remain current.

Sexy, class is on Tuesdays.

Simi, I'm glad you like the music, it's fun for me to search it out. I wish I had the energy for today's post!