Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Delayed Posting Syndrome

Mountain Trip to Japan, 1959 - Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players

Beat as I was from a day of work, no caffeine, 20 miles of riding into the wind, and grocery shopping, my response doesn't surprise me at all. I was editing some photos in Picasa when thunder outside sounded like it was changing the landscape. And at that, loving my technology, I unplugged everything and went to bed. Now, we'll never know if that was necessary, and I didn't get my post in for the last day of March until the first morning of April. That said, I got a great night of sleep!

School was alright yesterday until I realized I agreed to do a Relay for Life at the same time as a Black Kids show. can I work this one?

On the way home, my plans to ride after work looked shot. It was cloudy, and threatening to rain. Checking, though, was just overcast, and wouldn't be raining for hours. I called Nancy, got ready, and headed out onto the road. I'm still a little skittish on my singlespeed, it doesn't feel as sure in the wind as my Scott. Even so, we rode pretty hard, getting up to 23 on the way out. Of course, if you hit 23 on a singlespeed going in one direction, you know you're fighting your way back into the wind! And ugh to that.

I took some toy pics for my 365 blog, but of course I didn't use them all there.
This deer planter is a holdover from my childhood:
From More from my house

This is Rachel Trachtenburg, the drummer and backup singer from the song above. She was 12 when I saw them a few years ago (she's 16 now). Her mom (also the projector operator) and grandma make these dolls of her to sell at the shows. Her current project is her very trippy Morning Show.
From More from my house

Arrrrrgh! Heh heh:
From More from my house

A sand filled cowboy paperweight leftover from my father's childhood:
From More from my house

A Japanese salaryman gone wild that I picked up at Kid Robot when I visited San Francisco a few years ago. For the record...I didn't know what the toy looked like until I opened it. I was disappointed at the time, but now I kinda like it:
From More from my house

This is one of the toys my grandmother had at her house when I was a kid. It's the only one I saved.
From More from my house

I love these Indian(?) metal cars. There are pictures of potential inhabitants on every surface.
From More from my house

From More from my house


sexypoet said...

mekka lekka high mekka hinney ho.. i love me some peewee..

Awesome Sara said...

that doll that grandma makes is so cool!!!

E.K. said...

Great blog. Thanks for finding mine!

drollgirl said...


i used to be pretty crazy for pee wee herman.

lightning in a bottle said...

gah! love the pee-wee! and kid robot just plain rocks. i used to be quite the regular at the new york store.

Magic Pants Jones said...

sexypoet: Your wish is granted, long live Jambi.

Sara: I know, right? I want to learn to silkscreen so I can make little stuffed toys with my students.

EK: I'm loving yours, too, thanks!

drollgirl: I'm still pretty crazy for PW. He rocks.

lightning: so you're super cool on toys AND music. And only 3000 miles away.