Friday, April 3, 2009

Beginning to Say Goodbye

I Dont Want to Lose You - The Greencards

It's funny, today should be awesome. It's the start of spring break, I'm going on a big bike ride tomorrow, and it's First Friday, which means I get to hang out with my favorite people for the evening at Simple Gestures.

But getting my dad's bike ready for me to ride meant really starting to part with my bike. I love the bike I that I was riding when I got hit. I spent a whole summer working at a bike shop to earn it, and it's been a beautiful riding experience. And although it checks out for a cursory test, you never know with carbon if it'll fail in the future after an impact like that, and so it has to go. One day soon, the insurance company will take possession of it, and I'll get a check that'll hopefully get me on a beautiful new bike. But it won't be the same even then. *sigh*

Anyway, my dad delivered his Trek to me, without saddle, tires, or pedals. He needed the tires he had, and saddle and pedals are something you keep to yourself. Which had me taking apart my Scott, and I felt pretty melancholy, when the above song came on in shuffle mode. I'm gonna miss that bike. It handled beautifully, it shifted smoothly, and it was fast, oh it was fast.

Thanks for bearing with me on this post. Maybe this is a little too much navel gazing.

My Scott CR1, together for the last time:
From The Ride Home and Bikes

...and with no pedals, saddle, or tires:
From The Ride Home and Bikes

...and my 'in the meantime' bike:
From The Ride Home and Bikes

More buildings, cats, and what have you tomorrow.

Look at you, don't you look good today?


lightning in a bottle said...

awww, that's terrible to dismantle your beloved bike. i hope you feel better. and although your new bike will not be scott, i hope it brings you new adventures and happiness.

Awesome Sara said...

that was a really sad fucking post. i don't even ride bikes. aw....

Magic Pants Jones said...

Thanks, you two. Here's what I learned in between bike can still rally to 29 mph, but like any bike, did nothing to help me with today's headwind on the way home. My brain hurts now.
And actually, lightning, the new one will be a Scott Addict, so I'm staying in the brand family.

Cannondaler said...

A bike is such a personal thing, truly like losing an old friend. Makes me think of all my old rides, I miss every one of them. From my Giant ATX 770 mountain bike to the little purple two wheeler with a fixed gear and solid tires I had when I was four... Sigh. But the "Great Ride" goes on and your new ride may not feel the same but we both know it's gonna feel pretty damn awesome.

Magic Pants Jones said...

Was it you that was saying I should ask about buying it back from the insurance company as scrap? It would be good to strip it and hang the frame on my wall.