Monday, April 13, 2009


Around The Bend - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Here's the dork in me...I love dates that also make nice equations. Maybe it's the 3rd grade teacher in me, but I like number games that I can play in my head to keep myself busy in the everyday world.

I've been struggling to get good photos in because Wes has a touch of gimpy in his left elbow. He has a tumor there. He has tumors everywhere. We've been taking shorter walks, just around the block, and the walks were my great photo source, so I had to find something new. I pumped up the tires on my utility bike* and set out.

First thing I noticed about photo expeditioning on a bike: It's not as easy to notice things when you're riding. Walking is a much better noticing things pace. It's also tougher because it's not as casual to stop and take a picture. I have to stop, get off the bike, lean it somewhere, and get the camera. When I'm walking, I just raise the camera.

Oh well...whine whine whine, right?

My first pic of the day is Mr. I'm-Looking-For-Any-Fresh-Green-This-Eating-Dry-Grass-Is-Killing-Me. My dad always says the life of a carriage horse is easy, but I think it sounds dreadfully dull for them:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

Woohoo for self-identification on the front of your car:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

Hel-LO, Bromeliads on the fence:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

(I was thinking of a pun about being on the fence about some issue, but I don't think bromeliads are undecided about most issues...they seem pretty certain about things that are important to them)

Thank you, resident of Cincinnati Avenue, for having the foresight to put up this:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

and this:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

You've truly made your street funner (yes, funner) in my eyes.

This means YOU, renegade parkers:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

I love the backs of buildings:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

From Utility Bike -4+13=09

The prettiest street in St. Augustine is Magnolia Avenue. There's no need for voting. It only gets better as summer wears on, and the leaves fill in overhead:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

Two-tone house, you and your tarpaulin-covered windows make me smile:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

I love this chimney:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

Do you see these as going up or coming down? I saw them as going up until I asked that, and now I feel like something is about to descend on me as I look up:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

Too cool...the billboard piece (RAIGHT A) as building material, and the neato shape of the chimney:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

Do you want to buy unused buildings and make them into homes and condos? I most always do. I still want to move into the Ice Plant. This old car dealership wouldn't be bad, either:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

This is the definitive answer, right here:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

Hi, Curly-Tail!
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

Dignified Cat regarded me, and then lowered his lids. Without Wes, I'm non-threatening:
From Utility Bike -4+13=09

* My utility bike is a 1989 Specialized Rock Hopper. It has no suspension, and I've stripped all the gears off of it, so it's running a 39x13 gearing for those who care. I've outfitted it with a rear rack, to which I've zip-tied a milk crate. This is the pick up truck to the cars that are my other bikes.


sexypoet said...

that tree lines street is freakin awesome! i'd love to see more pics of it once the leaves fill in please..

Dina said...

Great pictures, I tried to pick a favorite, and couldn't :)

Magic Pants Jones said...

Thanks, Dina!

sexy, I promise...that's my favorite street. It'll cause no pain to revisit it regularly.

Fresh Paper said...

Sorry to hear about Wes's tumors. You still have an exquisite eye, on a bike or walking.

Awesome Sara said...

the fence pic= awesome

Anonymous said...

The street IS awesome! Sometimes you can hear the peacocks from the fountain of youth...what? sort of like cats wailing?

drollgirl said...

cool pics, man!

Magic Pants Jones said...

Thanks everyone!

Fresh worries about the tumors (except the one making long walks tough), he doesn't even seem to notice them...they're not gonna kill him, they just make him lumpy. Poor ol' guy.

Sara...thanks! I always worry that I'm the only one who likes pictures of the tops of fences. There I am, squatted on the ground, looking up!

Anonymous...oh, yeah, they do sound cool!