Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Future

White Collar Boy - Belle & Sebastian

Today was exciting! So exciting that I fell asleep just after posting Spitzle. So...quick before bed, bebbahs!

The kids were fun, except when two boys decided to pile on one boy. They had the 'we were just playing' defense. Good thing he was feisty and tried to defend himself, and I caught it all before he had to. He didn't lose any face this way. 9 year old boys can be ridiculous. The two bullifying boys get to walk laps this week instead of playin'. I told them if anything like that happens again, they'll have to carry a sign that says, "I'm a bully, don't play with me." I don't know if I can actually make them do that. But at least I could make them write a letter to a victim and to their own parents.

One of my boys kept trying to get my attention during a class activity, and I kept saying, "Not now, buddy." Well. He wrote down one of the coolest things a kid has ever written to me. When I talked to him later, I told him we should keep this under wraps for now, and that I want to know more when there's time. Here's what he wrote.

"Sometimes When I sleep I can see to future"

Now if this was the movies, this would invariably be a spooky kid. He's not. He's awesome. And that note? Awesomest thing I've seen in a while!

G'nite everyone. I love you. I especially love the way your eyes do that thing when you smile.


sexypoet said...

i wonder what kinds of things he sees in the future? hmmmm hope you encourage him with this. psychic kids are amazing!

wish julia's school would make her do laps or make her wear a bully sign. suspending her for fighting and bullying doesn't seem to stop the behavior. (she's 5) even taking away playtime would help but, they don't do it!

drollgirl said...

what a fabulous note! best note ever.

Awesome Sara said...

so cool. i wonder what he sees???

Magic Pants Jones said...

Isn't he awesome? I'm gonna ask him about it, I just haven't had the chance.

The laps thing came about from my time at the dog park. What do you do with a dog that won't settle down? Run him until he's tired! That's why taking away recess is stupid. But you can't let him play, that's a reward. Walking laps is physical education, part of their mandated 150 minutes a week.

Also, taking things away isn't nearly as much of a solution as adding a responsibility.