Monday, March 23, 2009

Submissions needed, walking around, tired, and a little disjointed.

I was so happy with the Ask a 3rd Grader questions this time around that I'm begging you for more questions. The kids liked writing, and I loved reading their answers. From the responses in the last post's comments, you liked it, too. Got any burning life questions? Jakob and the crew will get on it for you. I'm posting all answers from now on because they're too awesome, and the kids love to answer you.

Now, on to the pics. I'm really beat tonight. Between work and physical therapy tonight, I almost didn't go walking (I could've photo'd some drawings), but I was out of Spitzle photos, too. Currently lovin' this Danger Mouse/MF Doom/Talib Kweli collaboration on the Danger Doom Album, 'The Mouse and the Mask':

Old School Rules - Danger Doom

And now, the pictures...
I keep taking pictures of the tops of phone poles. This is the first that I've liked:
From Walking 3-23

Dusk means looking for light least if you've left your tripod at school:
From Walking 3-23

From Walking 3-23

A couple of recent sketchbook bits:
I like short, but recognizable bangs:
From Sketches...2008 and 2009 - totally incomplete

Another big ol' page of randomness:
From Sketches...2008 and 2009 - totally incomplete

Girls. Also...a quote from the Kelly 'Shoes' video...proof that this one is kinda old.
From Sketches...2008 and 2009 - totally incomplete

Is it clear that I love afro puffs? Because I love afro puffs!
From Sketches...2008 and 2009 - totally incomplete

Slightly feminine dykey girls are like a magnet to me. (For the record, this doesn't work - they're not looking for a fella!)
From Sketches...2008 and 2009 - totally incomplete

But then again, I also love 60's Barbarella hair with doe eyes, too, so I can't be completely explained.
From Sketches...2008 and 2009 - totally incomplete

What I really am looking for, though? A nice afternoon, hanging out with someone like you, eating salted sweet potato fries, and dipping them in ketchup.


drollgirl said...

i would BUY that pic w/the telephone pole. for reals.

and i am trying to think of questions for the kids. humph. most of my problems are with insurance issues, so that is way too complicated to get in to.

i wonder how the kids are on relationship advice???? hmmm. i am still thinking. i will try to come up with some questions this week!

Awesome Sara said...

i wished you a happy bday big boy!! its after the big post on lights. hope you're having a great one