Monday, March 9, 2009

Spitzle's Predecessor

So, before Spitzle the Clown, there was Miss Sparklebutt (admittedly, not the best name). I bought them both on the same day. I was at Goodwill, looking for clothes for a 70's themed party a friend was throwing the day after Halloween. I didn't find any clothing, but I did find what I told the cashier were the two most horrifying toys I'd seen in a long time. I had to buy them. I think Spitzle cost 60 cents, and Sparklebutt cost 94. That was the start.

I did a photoblog of the Unisus (Pegacorn?) first. She was a war criminal hiding out in St. Augustine, but I just couldn't come up with a compelling storyline that worked for me. I kept trying to think of things, but I just don't know enough about war criminals in exile. A criminal clown, that's a lot easier. How much of our pop culture is centered around crime? Inspiration is everywhere for the Spitz. When I was coming up with a name for him, by the way, I was trying to find a clown name that wasn't taken. When I found that Spitzel is German for snitch, I realized it was perfect.

Anyway, I deleted the Sparklebutt page, but I still kind of like her pictures:
She remembers after-hours activities in her homeland:
From Sparklebutt

Outside the pawn shop where...
From Sparklebutt

...she's wishing to get her banjo back one day.
From Sparklebutt

And talking on the phone to a confidential source:
From Sparklebutt

See, they were cute (and the toy is horrifyingly cheesy), but I just couldn't make a go of it like I could with the clown.


sexypoet said...

i had a stuffed animal just like her..

try reinventing her. give her a new name and go from there.. would be interesting in comparison to spitzle.

lightning in a bottle said...

as creepy as she might get, she still has a certain FU penguin cuteness about her. for shock and shiver, definitely the spitzle.

still, it would be interesting for you to resurrect her into a new incarnation.

one little simitopian said...

Miss Sparklebutt is crazy cool! I definitely would love to see her resurrected.
Do it! Do it! Now!!!!
We Want Sparklebutt! We want Sparklebutt!
(no pressure...)

E Flo said...

awww, she's cute, especially when she is on the phone!

Awesome Sara said...

I HAVE THAT UNICORN!! no joke! Spitzel is better.

Magic Pants Jones said...

We'll see about Sparkle...she may have to get a new name. Maybe I should farm out the photos for caption writers...or just post her without a story. I dunno, we'll see. Maybe during spring break.

Amber said...

See I am not the only one who loves Sparklebutt!

sexypoet said...

found this site.. figured you could try and create a new name for her...

brookeamanda said...

I like Sparklebutt, but she is far less menacing than Spitzle. Clowns are scary no matter what they're doing!