Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Neat Stuff From My Apartment

So again, a lack of topic inventiveness leads me to share more of my life with you. I've taken (and then retaken because the first set came out blurry and bad) 12 pictures of neat spots in my apartment. So from this, you get 12 photos and 12 stories! Thank you for bearing with me.

From Neat Stuff From My Apartment

This marionette was a gift from Meghan and Nick when they last came through St. Augustine. I've been told it's terrifying, creepy, and gross. My mom crinkles up her nose. I love it. She doesn't have a name. She's located above the fridge.

From Neat Stuff From My Apartment

As yet untitled painting from a few years ago. I always liked this one, and was glad it didn't sell. My window paintings (and there've been a lot of them) start with the black lines, and then have layers of color added. They're all painted on the backs of the windows. This painting is above my stove top.

From Neat Stuff From My Apartment

This picture of Boba Fett was just done for me by Ethan, a kid in my classroom. He's the one that advised lightning to travel instead of putting a down payment on her house. He's one of my coolest kids, and I really like his drawing. The magnets holding it to the fridge are tiles and bottlecaps that I drew on with paint pens.

From Neat Stuff From My Apartment

Left is a doll of Rachel Trachtenburg, from the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. Her mom and grandma made dolls of her to sell on tour. I bought this in 2004? The pig is something my mom had from the 60's. I think my dad bought it for her. In the egg crate are eggs I decorated years ago (they were blown out), and next to the pig is a neat old padlock.

From Neat Stuff From My Apartment

This is a stencil painting that I did on what had once been my favorite shirt.

From Neat Stuff From My Apartment

Ruscha and Warhol Artist All Stars paintings by Mike Windy (his name's really Mike Mitchell, but he sindg his art with his and his wife's name). He gave me these in trade for a painting of mine that he liked.

From Neat Stuff From My Apartment
In the corner, you can see a bit of a painting from another trade, this time with Atlanta artist James Hargett. Some tin toys, candles I bought at the Renaissance Festival in Michigan, a potato gun, Charles Burns vinyl toys, fafi vinyl toys, Tim Biskup vinyl toys, an M80, and a cool 4 lamp by a St. Augustine artist who's since moved, and whose name I've forgotten. Oh, also you can see blinky bike lights, and The Science of Sleep and The Triplets of Belleville.

From Neat Stuff From My Apartment
The painting was given to me by a neighbor when I moved into an apartment. Lets see, threre're Jay and Silent Bob bobbleheads, robot Christmas ornaments, a wooden figure drawing model, two cubes, a fallen over felt finger puppet king, a striped shirt hipster action figure that at one point looked like me, Gloomy Bear, a Golden Retreiver door stop that the dance teacher at an old school gave to me, Buddha, a cool rubber duckie, a flight attendant Circus Punk, tiny plastic chimpanzees, and an original Charlie Weaver Bartender.

From Neat Stuff From My Apartment

The main thing in this photo is the afro'd lady. This was given to me by a fifth grade student named Stefanie about 7 years ago.

From Neat Stuff From My Apartment

An untitled painting (again traded with for some of my art) by Billy Matlock.

From Neat Stuff From My Apartment

My old rotary phone, setting next to a framed pinup trading card, sitting on my IKEA Lerberg shelf.

From Neat Stuff From My Apartment

A poster I bought at the Raveonettes show I went to in '04 in Jacksonville. Binder clips, plexiglass, and wire make for an easy hanging system.

Alright, what's in your house?


sexypoet said...

okay.. i love this idea of taking pics of the house.. i'm going to take some right now and will post yet another entry tonight.. BTW i love the jay and silent bob bobbles.. that gave me a great idea for one of my pictures...

lightning in a bottle said...

what an awesome post. (and you thought you were out of topic inventiveness!) more of these please!

i LOVE ethan's drawing and of course i know who ethan is. the kidlet who's after my own heart. anyways, in the highly unlikely event that you want to part with this in the far flung future, i'll be more than happy to have that living on my fridge. very cute.

i think a visitor to your house would have hours of fun playing with all your toys and collectibles! i really like that each toy tells a story of how it became yours.

and the raveonettes poster? awesome.

thanks for sharing and giving us a glimpse into your life mpj :)

Magic Pants Jones said...

lightning, I can commission some artwork for you. Is it Boba Fett you want, or anything by Ethan? I'm telling you, this kid rocks. Each year, there are three or four kids that I think, "I'd adopt this kid if I could." Of course I wouldn't adopt all four at once, but any one of the four...Anyway, Ethan's on that list.

one little simitopian said...

You have some cool stuff there!
Ethan seems like a cool kid. I worked briefly at a childcare facility, and there were always one or two that I used to think "I'd totally adopt you!". I used to get drawings too, but nothing as cool as that. Funny ones though. Once, this little guy was drawing, and I asked him what it was. His (smirking)answer was:"It's you!..."
Awwww, I thought.
"...with your head in the toilet!"

Hmmmm, my house is very messy atm, but someday I'd like it to be filled with Kokeshi dolls (I'm obsessed with them), and Kukula prints.

lightning in a bottle said...

hey!! i would lurve an original ethan artwork, whenever he's inspired. i would'nt want to rush artistic excellence or anything; you know how artists can be so temperamental ;)

that would be most awesome. if he wants to do the fett again, i'd be into that. i always thought boba fett was cool. must be the jet pack.

tell him i'm his biggest fan in canada and i hope he continues drawing and making art.

drollgirl said...

muy interesante!!!!

brookeamanda said...

You have such cool stuff. I always wanted to collect drawings & cool eclectic things like that, but it never happened :(

Magic Pants Jones said...

You know, brookeamanda, you could always start now!

lightning: I'll be talking to Ethan tomorrow. I may have to let other kids draw, too, so they don't think I'm playing favorites.

drollgirl: gracias!

Awesome Sara said...

OMG, I would have so much fun looking through all your things. And when your not looking I's swipe it and stuff in in my jacket!! (Just kidding!)

JaxHulk said...

Love the blog, love your art. May I provide a suggestion for the marionette? Miss-Scara, or the obvious - Rouge.


Magic Pants Jones said...

Steve, is that you? Thanks!