Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The last of today's posts (unless you're checking before I can get them all up) is the most self indulgent. It's a trip to the hospital. I had a CT scan because it appears that there's a cyst on my kidney. Good times! It was caught by my neurosurgeon while she was looking at my back's 'progress'. Anyway, here are some pics from the hospital, nothing exciting, a couple of shots of my IVs (the first one didn't take), and the one pic I liked of the waiting room. Funny...the womens' CT waiting room has a TV, the mens' does not. Thanks, gender.

From L'hopital

From L'hopital

From L'hopital


drollgirl said...

what is the game plan? what are they gonna do? cysts run like crazy in my family, and they are a gigantic pain.

Magic Pants Jones said...

I have no idea. I don't even know if it is a cyst yet. I suppose I should do some research.

lightning in a bottle said...

it's a good thing i'm not the type to swoon and go into a dead faint upon the sight of blood ;)

sexypoet said...

i HATE getting IV's.. they hurt like a bitch!

Awesome Sara said...

mother fucker!! needles and i are not friends!!!