Monday, March 9, 2009

Last Day of Harvest of Hope

I left home after getting dishes, laundry, and shopping done. Not a bad feat. On my way out, I found this character lounging on the lawn mower:
From Hello

I also fooled around a bit, but still made it in time to catch the last half of the Murs set:
From Harvest of Hope

After Murs, there was a whole lot of good hip hop...stuff that I don't normally listen to, but I liked it nonetheless. I got some fun crowd pics...some cute girls and some ridiculous looking fellas.
From Harvest of Hope

It's Bubbles from the Wire!
From Harvest of Hope

From Harvest of Hope

This guy rocked:
From Harvest of Hope

Around six o'clock, Diplo came on, and it was full on fun...great djing!
From Harvest of Hope

From Harvest of Hope

I couldn't take my eyes off this girl...I'm sure it was annoying!
From Harvest of Hope

Early in the day, I saw Reggie Youngblood from Black Kids, catching the Tigercity show with his girlfriend:
From Harvest of Hope
(that's a great Smiths shirt he has on)

And later, during his own show:
From Harvest of Hope

I tried to take video of the song I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You for lightning in a bottle, but sadly, the mic on my camera was overwhelmed by being sat right next to the speaker.

Good shows also by Gaslight Anthem and The National...
From Gaslight Anthem
From Harvest of Hope

I also got in some time eating a great veggie quesadilla, getting a fantastic massage from a girl named Sarah, and checking out the fairway:
From Fairway Fun

From Fairway Fun

Back to regular life observations next time!


sexypoet said...

sounds like alot of fun.. i'm jealous!

lightning in a bottle said...

great pics! looks like it was an awesome day!

drollgirl said...

wow! you had a blast!

i want a ride on that pig thing.

Awesome Sara said...

did you even talk to the hottie??? she really is pretty. pretty girls have it so easy, bitch.

i'm glad you are recovering from your skittles fiasco. i am going on the pig ride with drillgirl and the veg. quesdeas.

Magic Pants Jones said...

No, I totally didn't, cause I suck. And not just pretty, but so damned cool.

And yeah, the pig...looks great...tiny figure eight track...I was wondering what they were thinking mixing the fairway with an indie-rock/hip hop festival.

And the quesadillas...sooo good.

Amber said...

That octopus is so sad (I am sure there is a photo blog in there somewhere). Wish I could have been at the show with you! Next time!