Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It was a nice birthday...

And because it's my birthday, I picked a song from a perfect album...Belle and Sebastian's The Life Pursuit (2006) makes no mistakes. They hit on a lot of great seventies sounds, and soundcheck even T. Rex. Who would've ever thought twee poppers Belle and Sebastian would be checking glam rockers T Rex? Anyway, I had the hardest time picking a song. So here's the thing: My parents told me that my original birthday was a gorgeous spring day in Michigan, and if I had come a week earlier, it'd have been a snow storm birthday. So because of that, here's Song for Sunshine:

Song For Sunshine - Belle & Sebastian

Today was a day of gluttonous eating! I rushed to get breakfast down fast because I was running late...no need! One of my coworkers made birthday breakfast in my honor:
Pitas filled with
peanut butter
banana slices
& strawberry slices

Then one of my students brought me doughnuts, one brought me coffee cake, and one brought me girl scout cookies. Holy heck! I'm normally a fella without a lot of food willpower, so I have to shop wisely. More got eaten before lunch than should have. Then there was the delicious fresh veg & cream cheese 'pizza' and the gorgeous and tasty cake that some of my room moms made for me. This was all before my parents and friends took me to dinner. Oy, I'm filled with food shame. It was soooo good, though.

Since it's late, and I'm beat, and stuft, I didn't get a chance to go out and get photos...so I thought I'd share some drawings from when I was in figure drawing class. There's a lot to criticize here, but these are still my favorite pages from nights with my favorite model. Regular readers may recognize her, and if not, that's okay. If you're offended by nipples, please navigate away.
From Figure Drawing

From Figure Drawing

From Figure Drawing

From Figure Drawing

From Figure Drawing

From Figure Drawing

From Figure Drawing

From Figure Drawing

I'm making a pile of stones your name on each.


drollgirl said...

oh, i hope your birthday was fabulous, and that you can stretch out the celebration as long as possible.

and doesn't everybody love nipples?

brookeamanda said...

It does sound like you had a great birthday!

sexypoet said...

sounds like you had a delicious b-day.. i could soooo go for some b-day cake.. yummm

what are the purpose of nipples on men? i have often wondered that..

lightning in a bottle said...

happy birthday! you sound like you had a totally superb day!

one little simitopian said...

Glad you had a great day!
omg the food! It sounds scrumdiddlyumptios! You have to say "no!" to self discipline on your birthday! (wow-I was just ironic!)
Happy day to you!
Nice pics too!

Magic Pants Jones said...

about my birthday: it did rock, thanks

drollgirl - I know I like 'em
sexypoet - It's all because we're a multipurpose vessel. If you get the double x hormone plan, the nipples have reason, if you get the xy plan, they're solely for fun.

simi - after seeing today's field day pics, I'm horrified enough to remember why I started riding my bicycle in the first place!