Thursday, March 19, 2009

Unhinged Student, PT, and a Visit to the Hospital.

Innocent When You Dream (78) - Tom Waits

In class today, I had a boy stab 17 holes into my beanbag. When I asked him why, he said that he didn't have anything to do, before adding, "well, besides my workbook." You'd be so proud of me, I stayed so calm as I dissected his odd behavior. He went to another room (I told him I couldn't handle having him in class for a while) to write a letter home asking for help in fixing the problem he made. Later, he shoved a kid, and was playing with stuff of mine that the kids know they're not allowed to touch. In print, it all sounds pretty tame, but it just seemed more and more ridiculous as the day went on. Holy school's so much easier to work at than any other school I've ever worked at. The behavior problem in my class is a kid who's constantly annoying who wants hugs. So much easier than Detroit was!

It was kind of cute today in PT, I've gotten to the point where I can be pretty independent. Also, my regular therapist is great at really pushing me, so when the new therapist tried to challenge me, she kept coming up with exercises that I've done, and moved beyond. I felt a little bad for her, it seemed like she really wanted to add something new to my repertoire.

I found out my friend Nancy was in the hospital today. What a terrible feeling. I stopped at Barnes & Noble on the way there to pick her up a present, and spent about an hour sitting and talking. She's been fighting a super-bug for a while, and I think it had just gotten away from her, and she seemed really dehydrated before. She sounded so much better in the hospital. It's scary and annoying spending the night there, and I don't wish that on her, but I'm glad to see her getting help! Click on her blog, and wish her well!

Lastly, a little artwork tonight, it's my sketchbook from last night and early this morning:
From Sketchbook


sexypoet said...

love the picture.. there is something in there that really gave me a chuckle.. (i had to do a triple take)

sexypoet said...

and wow about the kid..

drollgirl said...

super cool sketches, and i hope your friend is on the mend.

and that kid! jesus! i am not sure what i would do with him!

off topic, but i posted some photos by edward burtynsky today. you might like them (or not).

lightning in a bottle said...

wowzers, you handed that kid very well. he would've seriously tested my patience being so defiant.

sending positive vibes your friend's way and hope she gets better!

Magic Pants Jones said...

sexypoet...that's his foot in the picture.

I'll pass on the warmth from you guys to my friend Nance, and don't worry about that boy too annoying as he is, he really is quite sweet...just a really big mess.

sexypoet said...

thats not what made me do the triple take..

at the bottom of the pic, there is a gobblin or something.. it looked like nipples with a tamale over it.. (don't ask) my eyes see things strangly sometimes..

one little simitopian said...

I'm loving your sketches-be sure to post more!
What did the kid use to stab holes in the beanbag with?! Kudos to you for handling the kid with patience and calm.
P.S Hooray for Tom Waits! I love his song "Hang on st. Christopher". So cool.

Awesome Sara said...

i love how you put new music for each post. I'm having fun with those and i'm expanding my music library. I hope I don't catch what nancy has!!! i'll wish her well.

i'm impressed how you deal with the little monster kids. I would have stuff that kid in the bean bag!

Magic Pants Jones said...

simi - I promise, more artwork is on the way! And yeah, Tom Waits is about the coolest guy in the world, isn't he?

Sara - I'm glad you're liking the music, too. I'm really enjoying picking a good song from my playlist of the day to put with the post.