Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday Evening on Sanford Street

Things I learned tonight:

1. If you have an over busy week with poor sleep patterns, you'll fall asleep in your living room with your laptop running on your lap.
2. It's really fun to wake up to Comedy Central's uncut broadcast of the Bob Saget roast. I'm a huge lover of profanity, and anyone who knows for real knows that Bob Saget is a truly foul guy.
3. I need a better camera, a second tripod (I left mine at school because we're making movies, don't worry, I'll post 'em), and a steadier hand. I took night shots tonight using only natural light and my very unsteady hand. What you're going to see is the least blurry of them. At best, some have a slightly soft look. Smack me if you will, I like you, so I don't mind.

A flowering plant, growing in my driveway:
From Sanford St, Friday Evening, March 13

Lenny, my incredibly conservative neighbor:
From Sanford St, Friday Evening, March 13

I hate having to use the flash, but there aren't many lights near here:
From Sanford St, Friday Evening, March 13

First of the blurry pics, peaking in someone's window:
From Sanford St, Friday Evening, March 13

I want an old stretch limo, and I want an open bay to store it in.
From Sanford St, Friday Evening, March 13

I like this combination of colors:
From Sanford St, Friday Evening, March 13

Have a swell pi day! Happy 3.14!


lightning in a bottle said...

project 365 would be great for your pictures. of course you'd have to commit to a picture a day and post it on flickr or picasa etc.

lightning in a bottle said...

btw, what camera do you use to shoot with?

Magic Pants Jones said...

I keep thinking of doing project 365. Posting every day is kinda like practice for me. It's like having a dog instead of a baby. Well, not having a baby. I don't have any birthing parts. But you know what I mean.
And I have this camera. It's pretend looks all fancy, but it isn't. It does have a 10x optical zoom, which is nice, but I want a decent DSLR. I have a bunch of Pentax lenses, from my old SLR, so I wouldn't mind getting a K2000.

one little simitopian said...

Yeah that last one has GAWGEOUS colours for sure.
I agree with Lightning in a bottle- you should do the old 365 thang.
I don't POST mine everyday, as I'm lazy....but I've managed to keep up with the daily snapping at least- which is quite a committment for me!

sexypoet said...

i love that picture of the flower. i take alot of pictures of foliage and nature.. i'll have to post some of the pics i've taken on my property.. (maybe later tonight when i get home from school and after i've gotten good and drunk)

Awesome Sara said...

ooooh that school that is just so cool!!!!! your neighbor is cute.

Magic Pants Jones said...

You can have Lenny, Sara. Just leave me his cute wife.