Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Field Day Beat Me Up

Today was field day for 3rd grade. I know what you're thinking, "Field day in March?!?" Don't forget, this is Florida, if we did it in May or June, it'd be a disaster of sunburns, heat strokes, and other hot weather fun.

Well, by the time it was over, I was exhausted, of course, but I still had to do sub plans for tomorrow because I have a doctor's appointment. This left me working too late to get to PT, but then again, I don't know that I had the energy for the workout. Until I started to edit today's photos. Holy heck! I know I've put on about 20 pounds since my bike accident, but it's so abstract until you see a photo of yourself.


Please, doc, let me get on a motherflippin' bike! These walks around town, these PT workouts, they just don't burn anywhere near the calories that my long-ass bike rides do. *sigh*

Today's walk included Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins album, Rabbit Fur Coat.

The Big Guns - Jenny W/ The Watson Twins Lewis

Sad chair:
From Walking 3-25

Former blue-jay (sleep well, little one):
From Walking 3-25

From Walking 3-25

Some of the neighborhood cats don't cotton to our kind around here...
From Walking 3-25

Goatee cat:
From Walking 3-25

Keep out of what?
From Walking 3-25

It was the kitteh jackpot tonight...they were everywhere:
From Walking 3-25

He just seemed, well, not dangerous...and a little hesitant:
From Walking 3-25

From Walking 3-25

If you lived here, well, we could get pizza...
From Walking 3-25

Well, if I can't go riding this weekend, I'm taking a mini road trip, it'll be good to get out of town, and I'll be seeing an old friend from college. It's either biking or MS Walkathon in Athens.

Meanwhile, if you come to St. Augustine, I know where to get some really good bread pudding with rum sauce. It would be tasty.


jadecryingwolf said...

The former blue jay is my fave, but the sunset makes me feel hopeful and melancholy, like I know I lost something important; I don't know what it is yet; and, I falsely believe I will find it again.

I love bread pudding. It makes me wish I lived in the turquoise house.

Lovely work, thank you for sharing.

sexypoet said...

sounds like you had a heck of a day today.. i will be crossing my fingers for ya that you get to bike ride!
i know how shitty i felt when i gained weight after my accident and injury. i was so glad to start running again and working out to get back into shape.
cute kittehs as always.. the 3rd one, (white with blue eyes) looks like my smokey boy. cool blue house too. love the round railing.. what character!

drollgirl said...

that blue house is so cool.

and it is funny to see the expressions on animals faces: some are curious, some suspicious, some challenging. just weird.

lightning in a bottle said...

the blue jay....

i'm going to tear up here.

Awesome Sara said...

the blue jay is so sad but thats what i like about it. i hope you have fun with your buds!!! oh, thank you for wishing me the feel betters!! i'm ok today, i slept for like 15hours.

Magic Pants Jones said...

jade - Poetic thoughts, I like that! I'm not sure if the turquoise house is worth the bread pudding. It looks like a lot of work. If you're in the mood for fixin' up, then maybe.

sexy - My doc said that running's definitely out, but that's okay. I only run if biking isn't an option, and I never loved gets too hot here. And I'm telling you, we have the best cats here in Lincolnville.

drollgirl - I know...three things make the character of this place, the buildings, the animals, and the people. I'd take shots of the people, but I'm always afraid to ask, and around here, I think I'd get a lot of no's.

lightning - I'm sorry. It made me especially sad, too. It looked so perfect, even broken, lying there. I chose the picture that I thought gave it the most dignity.

Sara - I'm not heading to Athens for the walk! I can ride again, and the logistics of getting there would've been too tough this weekend. I'm gonna go see them in April, and my friend Nancy and I are going riding on the Gainesville trail, a paved bike trail that's gorgeous, and promises delicious pizza. And she's just gotten over pneumonia, so I know she'll take it easy on me.