Friday, March 27, 2009


Fake Empire - The National

Woke up today, and as I'm getting washed up, I find that my doctor's appointment has been moved to's two hours away, I have to get x-rays first, and it's about a fifty minute drive to the hospital. Gah. I grabbed food, got the dog out the door, and zipped out.

Let's rewind...this isn't all on the hospital. My doctor had to reschedule because she suddenly had a surgery to do, and her office had been trying to reach me all week. They only had my home number, and each time I tried to call back, I got voicemail because I get home after business hours. They now have my cell and my work number. I told them that my school could definitely put them through if they ever called me there.

Anyway, I got the x rays in the nick of time, showing up to the doctor's office only 9 minutes late. The doc and I went over my x-rays, and she said that my vertebrae were in proper (though scrunched) form now, but that they were still the bones of a little old lady, so I have to be careful. She did clear me to ride a bike, though, so I'm ecstatic.

After that, I went to my friend Anita's (dynamic bald girl of a couple weeks ago, awesome model of yesterday), and hung out with her, her girly, and a friend that she used to work with. If you're ever in Jacksonville, Moon River Pizza is pretty damned tasty.

I also handed off Anita's new camera to her (I got her a good deal online), and she was giddy and annoying shooting pictures with it. For the record, this is what you're supposed to be with a new camera: giddy and annoying, shooting pictures.

After that, it was PT, dinner, and The Office, and an episode of 30 Rock where the laughs came faster than a TV show should be allowed to do to you. And then I fell asleep. No Spitzle, no 365, no this, just sleep, so now, at 3:45 in the morning, I'm just finally getting to the home blog. I'm such a weirdo, why do I wake up at this time every day? Don't tell me I need Ambien. I'm not doing it. Pictures from the hospital and Jacksonville in
From Jax 3-26

Looking out the window, waiting for my doctor, this magnificent building is what I see:
From Jax 3-26

From Jax 3-26

From Jax 3-26

At this next place, not only does the ominous tree disagree with the sign, you also have to question the bars on the windows and the door, the 2 inch thick glass around the clerk, and the awful smell. Paradise? No.
From Jax 3-26

Got this at a stop light. There was enough siding missing in spots that you could see light through. I wish I had had time to spend with this house.
From Jax 3-26

Another straight off the freeway house, like last week:
From Jax 3-26

Obligatory "You Shooting Me" photo taken when someone gets a new camera:
From Anita and her girl...

Anita and her girl kiss goodbye...
From Anita and her girl...

If I was coming to your town, where would you suggest for pizza?


lightning in a bottle said...

why are you up at the ungodly hour of 345am-ish? i'm just winding down getting ready for bed and it's like 1am pst here.

i really like the picture you took of anita and her girlfriend.

Magic Pants Jones said...

I woke up at about 3 and I couldn't get back to sleep. I don't have kids at school today, so I figured I could do it in zombie mode, and get a nap in the afternoon.

sexypoet said...

go out and by a bottle of 3mg. melatonin at the pharmacy. (in the vitamin section)

it's an all natural sleeping pill. (no hangover feeling and pure rest)

i don't like ambien. those pills hit ya like a ton of bricks and make ya all loopy. made me feel worse then taking niquil the next day. (and i'd usually wake up a few hours after taking one)

congrats with the bike thing and ITA with lightning.. love the pic of anita and her g'friend.. (also like the one of the house missing siding)

Awesome Sara said...

I am loving this song!!!! i had to listen to it a few times! i love that lights photo. so graphic and mezerizing. i kept think what do i see when i look at this sorta thing. i thought, work lights in the break room, alien probing lights, ufo in the sky, autopsy, etc........

Amber said...

You should drive down an exit to my neighborhood! Some great houses there.

drollgirl said...

like the photos! and so happy that you can get back on the bike. you must be ecstatic.

it is kind of hard to read the font you have for your text. or maybe i have old lady eyes and need new glasses!

Magic Pants Jones said...

sexypoet - I'm done with Coke as of this weekend. It's what's screwing up my sleep schedule, and it's adding to the weight that I heaped on during my bike exile. If that doesn't help, I'm heading straight for the melatonin, thanks for the suggestio!
Anita and her girl are adorable together. She's camera shy, though, so I figured she probably wouldn't be as cool as Anita is with me throwing pics of her face up on my blog. Even getting their feet though conveyed everything I could say about those two.

Sara - I love that song, too. I saw them at that concert earlier this month, they were so good! And thanks about the lights was the elevator at the hospital in Jacksonville. I'm always so glad when I post a pic that I'm not sure about. It invariably gets mentioned.

Amber - You haven't moved yet, have you? You mean in St. Aug. South?

drollgirl - Thanks for the continued compliments. I'll consider retooling my font. I was trying to stay consistent, but it's actually a pain to use this font because it's not the default, so maybe...

drollgirl said...

i think you changed the font! it is so much easier for me to read. thank you!