Saturday, March 21, 2009

Exhausting Friday

Conceived - Beth Orton

I started off Friday with a long walk and photos, and we'll get to those very, very soon.

At school, bean bag boy told me he had forgotten to show his mom the letter he wrote telling her what he had done. I took a photo of it, and told him if I didn't see it signed on Monday, she was getting it by email. I also told him that if I was bored this weekend, she might get it early, so he should probably get it to her as soon as possible. It's kind of funny watching a kid trying to pull the clueless act. He has no idea how obvious his actions are.

After school, some teacher friends and I got together at Chili's, but I was already pretty beat, and still had to go to the hospital, so I just had water. Alcohol and me have only gotten along recently, and I didn't really want to add any into my mix. I had a great time anyway. I have to say, the people that I work with are just awesome, I really enjoy where I am these days.

Visiting Nancy in the hospital was nice, she seems like she's a lot better. It turns out she had pneumonia, but she's going home on Saturday.

After I got home, ate, and fed Wes, I sat down to watch Real Time with Bill Maher, and promptly fell asleep with my laptop on my lap. That's why I'm updating everything on early Saturday morning.

I woke up to 60 something emails, jadecryingwolf is a new Spitzle commenter, and she's catching up with a fury. I have to say every one of the comments that gets left on Spitzle (except for the occasional jerky anon) makes me smile so much. I love how there's become a role-play bit going on in the comments section. The clown may have a small audience, but I think it's a really fun (and fairly filthy) group of people!

Now, on to the pics...the darker ones are a little soft because I didn't bring my tripod. These are early morning St. Augustine. I've been waking up wayyyy too early, so I decided to do something fun with the time:
I like the colors this house provides...normally, their bamboo is soooo green, but here, between the lit up red curtain, early morning blue, and the green of the houselights, these shots make me happy, even with their bit of blur:
From Early Morning Walk With Wes

From Early Morning Walk With Wes

I love the range of blue in the gradient sky of an early dawn:
From Early Morning Walk With Wes

Rooftop drips, I don't like this photo a whole lot, but I still like the way the water's draining. This would work well with Spitzle in some way:
From Early Morning Walk With Wes

Lastly, our wax museum is one of the worst I've seen. Free high five to the first person who identifies this poorly rendered character:
From Early Morning Walk With Wes

Have you lost weight? You look good.


jadecryingwolf said...

Very, very filthy, Magic Pants ... very filthy.

sexypoet said...

is it supposed to be jack nicholson?? if so, wow, they really suck!

i love the way everything looks and sounds so early in the morning. i love taking my coffee outside and watching the sun come up.

my fav. pic is actually the one your not fond of.. i love the way the street looks..

and what is the deal with the comments and questions after the posts? i've noticed um for a week or so now. is it part of your music or something cuz thats new too or are you talking to someone?? just curious.

Magic Pants Jones said...

Not Jack, nice try, though.

And the little bit at the end of every post?
I'm talking generically to every reader as if I know them personally. It makes me happy.

sexypoet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sexypoet said...

sorry bout that.. is it al capone? if so, there are a few things that are off about him.. (i do know my mobster history) then again, you did say it was a really bad figure.

Magic Pants Jones said...

Yes, and the crappiest Capone I've ever seen!