Thursday, March 5, 2009

A doctor's visit, and hanging out...

I've got good news and bad news from my doctor's office today. My back has healed enough to take off the brace as long as I'm feeling comfortable. Unfortunately, it should be feeling worse than it does, as my CT scan doesn't look pretty. That means no bicycling for at least another month.

It also means I'm shorter! Apparently, one of my vertebrae is compressed by 60%...which sends me down into Tom Cruise territory. Maybe, just maybe, I could shrink more, and be sent down to Jon Stewart height.

Anyway, the rest of my day was spent hanging out with my friend (and personal super-hero) Anita. She's a woman who can take a great jump photo and can rock the shaved head look. She also has a cool dog, Roshi, the boxer greyhound mix. And the final bonus? I got to see a nicely constructed ice cream stand.

From Anita

From Anita

From Roshi

And Ice Cream:
From Ice Cream Stands

From Ice Cream Stands

So...despite the news about bicycling (I really want to get back on my bike!), it was a pretty good day.


sexypoet said...

glad you had a good day today with your friend! i LOVEEEE her tats!!! makes me want to go get another one.
sorry about not being able to ride for another month. that sux! i am never one to follow doctors orders though. i'm not allowed to go running anymore and i do all the time. (just makes me feel physically better then laying around the house in pain all the time) plus, it keeps the gams looking sexy and the ass nice and tight! lol
i say 86 the brace if you feel good and just ride close to home and build yourself back up again!
sometimes ya just gotta say fuck it and do what you can to feel good again!

lightning in a bottle said...

you both look like a fun duo to hang out with!

i'm glad you had a good day despite the setback in cycling. i agree with sexypoet, start nice and easy, building up strength again. before you know it, you'll be cycling full force :)

lightning in a bottle said...

i am looking for a cycling partner for bike and barge in the netherlands.

Magic Pants Jones said...

sexypoet: Anita has some of the coolest tats I've ever seen. She's got this really great dandelion on her left shoulder. She just got done encouraging me to get the one tattoo I can picture wanting...a bicycle chainring on the back of my right calf.

lightning: the netherlands, hmm? much does a trip like that cost? (you didn't make up your mind before I could post my student's response, did you?) that could be fun!

one little simitopian said...

That icecream place is COOOOOL! (haha; icecream-cool! comedic GENIUS!)
Your friend is the spitting image of a girl I knew in my last hometown! I'm so envious of girls that can shave their head without looking uber-butch.
Awww man, I hope your back heals soooooon. The gals who left comments up there leave some good advice. Just take it easy, and slowly rebuild your strength.
Hope ya feels better asap.

sexypoet said...

there are 3 things to know when tattooing.. 1. you have already done. (always make sure you think long and hard about what you ink on your body cuz it's there for life) 2. always put it in a spot where the skin won't change much with age. (a saggy piece of skin will totally change the tats appearance. and last 3. don't forget that tats always run in even numbers. (i found this out the painful way) lol so since you already have your first one decided on, you may want to start thinking of what you'd get for #2..

E Flo said...

I hope you are feeling better. I want to live in that ice cream cone.

Magic Pants Jones said...

I know, right?

drollgirl said...

you'll be back on soon! hang in there! and sorry you are a little tiny bit shorter, but don't let it get you down. :)