Saturday, March 7, 2009

Braceless, and Music:

I had the brace off all day today, and wow. It's funny, when I had to wear it, I felt good when it was off, even after a particularly hard session of PT. Now that I've had it off for a day and a half...I was sore by 9:30 this morning. It was Dull-Achesville from then on. My doc did say that my CT-scan looked a bit of a mess, and I should be feeling more pain than I seem to. Honestly, though, it was never bad, it's just annoying...less so than the brace though.

I've got tickets to the Harvest of Hope for this weekend. It's a music festival of indie rock and hipster hip-hop to benefit migrant
workers in our area. The fest has a surprisingly good lineup. I'm excited about both Saturday and Sunday evenings (I'm not staying all day...I'll be dead after, if I try). My only problem is that I'm finding it hard to choose between acts on Sunday night. They two biggest stages both have great acts lined up at the same time. Am I supposed to not like both indie rock and hip hop?

Here are my choices, broken down by time:
* At 4:15, I'm free, schedule-wise, to check out Murs. I'm not a big fan, but figured if Jim Mahfood likes his stuff, he's probably alright.

* At's Tigercity (who I've never heard of), or Kool Keith...this is a wash, but I'm kinda leaning toward Tigercity because they sound kinda fun.

* I kinda wanted to see Ra Ra Riot at the 6 o'clock slot. I like their stuff, but I'm also a fan of Diplo's work. He produced a lot of MIA's stuff, and I love those albums, so I'm really torn. Listening to both again on YouTube, I'm leaning Diplo at the moment. I'ma need some Tylenol when this is through!

* 7:30 kills me because I'd get a kick out of seeing KRS One, but the Black Kids put on a great show, so it's the local kids for me.

* 9ish? Gaslight Anthem vs. the GZA. I'm cool with either. I like smart, edgy, hip hop, but good indie rock is important too...I also wanna be at the rock stage for the 10 o'clock show, so I'm prolly goin' Gaslight.

* 10 - The National vs. GZA/Kool Keith/Inspectah Deck/Keith Murray/& Special Guests. I love The National, so as much fun as all of the free stylin' is gonna be, I'm finishing out the night with the National.

Be brave everyone, life can do some unexpected stuff. Remember, the future is NOW.


lightning in a bottle said...

do me a favour? (yes, the canadian spelling)

when the black kids sing i'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance, groove alittle bit harder for me. the synths are SOOOO 80s, the bassline just makes you move and the "dance, dance, dance" makes you want to jump up and down, all silly-like. and sing the chorus at the top of your lungs.


sexypoet said...

sounds like you have alot of good choices.. personally, i'd go see KRS One. (they remind me of my Florida years)

i just went and listened to the song lightning is talking around and she is totally right. great song!

i'm sure whomever you pick will be great.. have a great time!! can't wait to hear all about it! take pics....

Awesome Sara said...

why can't you go for both days??? life is short have some fun, you can always sleep later. I have never heard of any of these ppl. Maybe I have and I didn't know it, I am pretty terrible with the names. i'm going to google some of the bands and listen, i'm curious.

have fun!!!!

Magic Pants Jones said...

lightning: Oh, I will be nuts during that song! They have such a great energy live! I just have to be careful not to do anything that hurts.

sexypoet: If it wasn't Black Kids, I'd totally be at KRS One. He's awesome. I'm just pissed that there are so many good choices lined up against each other on Sunday.

Awesome Sara: I'll be there both days, but the stuff on Saturday doesn't have me choosing as hard. Saturday's mostly a set of choices between bands I've never heard of, and bands I've heard of but never heard. Since I've got friends who like the ones I've heard of, I'll be at those shows.