Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bleah, and bleah.

Asleep - The Smiths

Okay, I don't want to die, but I felt like it today. I came home from getting Wes his shots only to develop a sequel to yesterday's headache. Two doses of Tylenol Sinus (one at noon, and one at 4:30), tons of random sleeping, and blah feelings slowly wore the headache down, and by 8 o'clock, I felt almost like a normal person.

After eating, I called Wes to dinner, and he walked in to the kitchen very slowly. He's probably reacting to his shots, but I just hope that he's well by morning, otherwise I'll worry all day at work. If all else fails, I can have my parents come pick him up in the morning, but I hate to see him feeling poorly. He's such a good boy.

From Wes isn't feeling well

Feel better, hairy friend.


sexypoet said...

does he always react this way to shots? bailey usually acts real sluggish the day of but, is fine by the next day. the others don't ever seem effected.
sorry bout yer headache. i am usually out of commission when i have one. excedrin migraine works really good for me. (they are loaded with caffene though so i get super jittery for a while) lol

Magic Pants Jones said...

I don't recall, but he did go to the bathroom after I posted. Of course, he also decided to lay down in the grass until I convinced him to come in. He also ate all the food when I put his bowl in front of him. I think he'll be okay in a day, but it's still worrying. Having him be 10 makes me worry every time something happens. Despite his lumpy old dog tumors, he's pretty spry for his age.

I usually take Alleve, but I totally spaced on that one. I'm taking the bottle to work with me tomorrow!

lightning in a bottle said...

hope you and wes go back to your chipper selves tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

My darling Loki sends his best wishes to Wes. We both hope he feels better tomorrow. Loki's vet said he could have a full-size aspirin (only one) for pain; he is 100lbs and 6 years old (the day before our birthdays, MPJ).

Wishing you and Wes all the best for the coming week. Keep us updated, please.

jadecryingwolf said...

shit that anonymous comment was me, I just tarded out before adding my name :)

one little simitopian said...

I hope you're both feeling better soon! Awwww, Wes looks so cute and sooky in that photo!

drollgirl said...

oh dear. i get sickening headaches, and they are no picnic. glad yours passed. sometimes mine last a week, and it is just fucking miserable.

your poor pooch. i hope he is feeling better. i took one of my cats to get "the works" shots and he was SO UNHAPPY for about a day. maybe a little longer. i think it is tough on them. hope the doggie is all better by now.

sexypoet said...

how was wes this morning? any better??