Friday, March 27, 2009

Bicycling was only...

Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis

15 minutes of the day...that's it. That's all I spent on the bike today, but today was all about my bike in my mind. This morning started with breakfast in our house at school, then very slowly working through my report cards and lesson plans for next week. New sticker on my license plate (two days late), and then home. I got the my Centurion out, and got ready to ride. This marks the first time I've worn a helmet with this bike in a looong time.
From Centurion Re-Inaugeral Ride

Quick diversion: This bike, the Centurion, was rescued from the trash. I was astonished to see it there, and put it in the trunk. When I got it home, I measured the seat tube, and it was my size. I stripped it down to a singlespeed because I figured it'd be easier than buying and refurbing the derailleurs. Bought some wheels, changed out a few parts, and now it's wonderful. It's made to run along perfectly at 17-21 mph. It's a good thing I've got this bike because with my Scott CR1 out of commission, I still have something to ride.
From Centurion Re-Inaugeral Ride

Okay, back to today. I got on the bike, and felt weird. Vulnerable. I wasn't worried about cars. I think it's the knowing that if I were to crash, it could really mess me up. It felt good, though, even with the hinkiness and the ridiculous 22 mph winds.
From Centurion Re-Inaugeral Ride

From Centurion Re-Inaugeral Ride

All this stress, excitement, nervousness, and happiness took place over...2 miles. That's right. I know how to have a good time, babies! Tomorrow, I'm hitting the bike path down in Gainesville. College towns mean good food, and Gainesville is no exception. We'll see how far I get, or if I turn around to go back to the car and drive to lunch.

Have a swell weekend!


sexypoet said...

just don't push yourself to fast. a little each day and you'll be back at full throttle in no time.. have a blast in gainesville.

i am gonna try to take pics tomorrow of some of the damage. (weather permitting) i am also gonna see if anyone in the hood got pics of the twisters. my neighbor e-mailed me one tonight of my house. i'm about to go post it.

lightning in a bottle said...

yay mpj! super happy you're getting back on your bike.

drollgirl said...

YOU ARE BACK IN BUSINESS!!! very exciting!

Magic Pants Jones said...

Come ride with me, alla you.