Friday, March 6, 2009

Advice From a 3rd Grader: Security or Travel?

Dear 3rd Grader,

Hope you can help me out. With the money I'm saving, should I look at putting a down payment on a condo. Or, should I travel to Europe (UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, etc) since I have 4 weeks vacation coming up. Help!

Your friend,


Dear girllightning,

I say you should put down the condo payment. If you don't put it down, you wouldn't have a place to come back to after your vacation. But look on the bright side. You cave your remaining money, and get money to still go to Europe.



drollgirl said...

well that is a pretty smart and practical kid!

lightning in a bottle said...

omg - you can't get more darn precious than that!

please let jakob that i will think totally hard about his very prudent advice.

and that with any money left over, if he would like to fingerpaint with me or play on the swings or jungle gym, i'd totally take a vacation and come down and do that :)



Awesome Sara said...

wow. here i am thinking kids are sticky and retarded.

thank you for my award!!! i'm honored!!

Magic Pants Jones said...

drollgirl: He's a pretty smart character. He has no sense of timing, but he's awesome.

lightning: Any time you wanna come down and do creative stuff with kids in St. Augustine, let me know.

Sara: If they were all sticky and retarded, I would totally be doing something else for a living! Though some of them can be gross and/or annoying, most of my kids are three kinds of awesome.

Substory to this: Julia, whose advice was almost identical to Jakob's, went home and asked his father what he'd do. He said he'd go on a 10 day to Europe, and put the rest down on the condo. According to her mom, she nodded, and said very matter of factly, "That makes sense."

lightning in a bottle said...

well, now julia advice from her dad is some mighty fine advice too! that i may just have the gumption to do ;)

Magic Pants Jones said...

You should also know that Ethan was all about the experience, but his answer wasn't very focused, so the kids didn't pick it. We all agreed that he gave a LOT of support to his belief that traveling would be good.

lightning in a bottle said...

oh my goodness - i love ethan already. a kid after my own heart. definitely a kindred spirit, that one.

sexypoet said...

Okay I have a good question for you to ask your kids..

What is the best way to break the news to my husband, that he just bought me a really really REALLY expensive new vehicle for my Birthday? Please explain to them that he is in Iraq right now and, that I have to break this news over the phone.

p.s. i love the kids advice. i also think this is a great project for them.

Magic Pants Jones said...

Wow, I have enough questions now that I can run multiple questions in one post! Thanks everyone. I'm so glad the test worked. I think next week, I'll type up your questions, and let kids choose which ones to answer. I may even post a graph of what the consensus was on each question in choice based ones.

And Ethan? Ethan rocks. There's nothing about that kid that isn't awesome. He's not tops in anything academically, but he's a good guy, he's funny, and he's got an interesting outlook.