Monday, March 2, 2009

3 x 3 = 09

Out of ideas, and wanting to post, I thought of revisiting my old practice of posting dubious birthdays on Tuesdays. But then I looked up March 3: holy moly! There are a lot of neat people on March 3. For every David Faustino (1974), there's someone great!

* First of all, two professional cyclists were born on March 3. In 1871, French cyclist Maurice Garin was born, 93 years later, in 1964, Mexican cyclist Raul Alcala was born. Go bikes!

* I don't know who this is, but silen
t films child actress Kittens Reichert was born in 1910, and she died nearly 90 years later. Way to have a great name, Ms. Reichert!

* Jean Harlow
was born the year after that. The original blonde bombshell died at 26 of renal failure.

* In 1959, Ira Glass, host and creator of This American Life, was born. He is responsible for hours and hours of happy radio listening for me.

* 1964 - Laura Elena Harring - Gorgeous brunette, best known for her work in David Lynch's Mullholland Drive. She and Naomi Watts created a lot of steam together in the middle of this movie.


sexypoet said...

whats wrong with bud bundy? i had a teenage girl crush on him.

Magic Pants Jones said...

Well...then Tuesday is your day! The post is half finished...I need to add pics.

Awesome Sara said...

wow, look at all those cool people. jesus and i share the same bday. can you beat a jesus birthday

Magic Pants Jones said...

I share a birthday with Fatty Arbuckle. That may trump a Jesus birthday. Oh, and Alyson Hannigan. There are more.

sexypoet said...

i want to know who i share a b-day with.. who was born on the 14th? anyone good?

Magic Pants Jones said...

I dunno, google your birthdate and birthdays.

lightning in a bottle said...

i share my birthdate with:

the not so cool: gary "wotcha talkin' about willis" coleman, nick nolte, vince neil.

and the oh so cool: composer john "star wars" williams, jules verne, lana turner. and james dean.

oh and seth green who incidentally was willow's boyfriend on buffy. ha.

drollgirl said...

ira glass always sounds like a 19 year old (gay) dude to me. he is great. and he is married to a woman.