Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Future

White Collar Boy - Belle & Sebastian

Today was exciting! So exciting that I fell asleep just after posting Spitzle. So...quick before bed, bebbahs!

The kids were fun, except when two boys decided to pile on one boy. They had the 'we were just playing' defense. Good thing he was feisty and tried to defend himself, and I caught it all before he had to. He didn't lose any face this way. 9 year old boys can be ridiculous. The two bullifying boys get to walk laps this week instead of playin'. I told them if anything like that happens again, they'll have to carry a sign that says, "I'm a bully, don't play with me." I don't know if I can actually make them do that. But at least I could make them write a letter to a victim and to their own parents.

One of my boys kept trying to get my attention during a class activity, and I kept saying, "Not now, buddy." Well. He wrote down one of the coolest things a kid has ever written to me. When I talked to him later, I told him we should keep this under wraps for now, and that I want to know more when there's time. Here's what he wrote.

"Sometimes When I sleep I can see to future"

Now if this was the movies, this would invariably be a spooky kid. He's not. He's awesome. And that note? Awesomest thing I've seen in a while!

G'nite everyone. I love you. I especially love the way your eyes do that thing when you smile.

Monday, March 30, 2009

For those of you wondering...

Wes is feeling better! Thanks for all of the kind words. I have to get ready for therapy.

From Wes is better

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bleah, and bleah.

Asleep - The Smiths

Okay, I don't want to die, but I felt like it today. I came home from getting Wes his shots only to develop a sequel to yesterday's headache. Two doses of Tylenol Sinus (one at noon, and one at 4:30), tons of random sleeping, and blah feelings slowly wore the headache down, and by 8 o'clock, I felt almost like a normal person.

After eating, I called Wes to dinner, and he walked in to the kitchen very slowly. He's probably reacting to his shots, but I just hope that he's well by morning, otherwise I'll worry all day at work. If all else fails, I can have my parents come pick him up in the morning, but I hate to see him feeling poorly. He's such a good boy.

From Wes isn't feeling well

Feel better, hairy friend.

I'm back. Well, kind of.

Psychoticbumpschool - Bootsy Collins

I was totally nervous about today's ride. Did I still have the bike handling skills? Could I handle 40 miles? Was I being stupid, would I have to turn around after 5 or 8 miles? What an awesome day, where even ending with a major headache was a triumph. Wait, what? Is this some side effect of back pain? Nope. It's an effect of the hot afternoon sun (it was 86 today) and the pollen in the air (my tire was rolling with a green tread all day).

So I got a late start because I'm so out of the routine of going on a real bike ride. I gathered all the stuff I'd need...gloves, bike shoes, bottle of gatorade, helmet. I put my clipless pedals on my singlespeed bike. I couldn't find my bike computer. Crap. No worries, though, I could use Nancy's data.

Picked up Nance, and we were both a little nervous, she'd been sick, and I'd been gimpy. We got riding, and it felt natural, but spooky. And then, it was normal. The only concession I was making was taking descending corners a little too carefully. Woohoo! The ride was great on the way out, lunch at Mellow Mushroom was yummy (Tempeh Hoagie, hot pretzel appetizer). Now on the way back, I thought I was buying some dark berry flavor of gatorade, but it was just some nasty grape. Let me tell you, when that stuff gets hot, it's nasty. On the way back, I started to get a headache from the hot sun and the pollen. It got pretty bad, and at mile 34, we found a corner grocery and got some bev and tylenol. That helped, after the ride. Even being miserable from headache couldn't dampen the day, though.

THIS is the light at the end of the tunnel, and thank goodness. It's about time.

Photo gallery of the day, with commenteering:

There's a wooden walkway along a primeval looking river at mile 9. We spent ten minutes watching this grey heron fishing.
From Gainesville Ride 3-28

The river itself:
From Gainesville Ride 3-28

Cypress knees. I'd never seen them until I came to Florida. Knowing what these are made the B-52's 'Junebug' make sense.
From Gainesville Ride 3-28

At about mile 10, there's a 3/4 mile spur off the main path (this is a paved rail trail), and there's a seating/observation spot. You get a great overlook of this plain/lake. During this time of the year, it's all grass, and it's not unusual to see horses grazing. During wetter times of the year, though, it's totally flooded. I love the Spanish moss.
From Gainesville Ride 3-28

From Gainesville Ride 3-28

This big ol' tree was encountered as we made our way around Gainesville itself. We'd just left the gas station (gatorade), where a disabled and angry middle aged woman in a wheelchair was screeching derangedly at her parents.
From Gainesville Ride 3-28

5 miles from the end of our ride, we had to hit this shop for drinks and tylenol. My head was killing me.
From Gainesville Ride 3-28

From Gainesville Ride 3-28

At the end of the ride, we always end up at the Kangaroo Convenience Store (store motto: Hop In!) for drinks and post ride snack. I liked their note.
From Gainesville Ride 3-28

Let the beat control you.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bicycling was only...

Chelsea Dagger - The Fratellis

15 minutes of the day...that's it. That's all I spent on the bike today, but today was all about my bike in my mind. This morning started with breakfast in our house at school, then very slowly working through my report cards and lesson plans for next week. New sticker on my license plate (two days late), and then home. I got the my Centurion out, and got ready to ride. This marks the first time I've worn a helmet with this bike in a looong time.
From Centurion Re-Inaugeral Ride

Quick diversion: This bike, the Centurion, was rescued from the trash. I was astonished to see it there, and put it in the trunk. When I got it home, I measured the seat tube, and it was my size. I stripped it down to a singlespeed because I figured it'd be easier than buying and refurbing the derailleurs. Bought some wheels, changed out a few parts, and now it's wonderful. It's made to run along perfectly at 17-21 mph. It's a good thing I've got this bike because with my Scott CR1 out of commission, I still have something to ride.
From Centurion Re-Inaugeral Ride

Okay, back to today. I got on the bike, and felt weird. Vulnerable. I wasn't worried about cars. I think it's the knowing that if I were to crash, it could really mess me up. It felt good, though, even with the hinkiness and the ridiculous 22 mph winds.
From Centurion Re-Inaugeral Ride

From Centurion Re-Inaugeral Ride

All this stress, excitement, nervousness, and happiness took place over...2 miles. That's right. I know how to have a good time, babies! Tomorrow, I'm hitting the bike path down in Gainesville. College towns mean good food, and Gainesville is no exception. We'll see how far I get, or if I turn around to go back to the car and drive to lunch.

Have a swell weekend!


Fake Empire - The National

Woke up today, and as I'm getting washed up, I find that my doctor's appointment has been moved to 9:30...it's two hours away, I have to get x-rays first, and it's about a fifty minute drive to the hospital. Gah. I grabbed food, got the dog out the door, and zipped out.

Let's rewind...this isn't all on the hospital. My doctor had to reschedule because she suddenly had a surgery to do, and her office had been trying to reach me all week. They only had my home number, and each time I tried to call back, I got voicemail because I get home after business hours. They now have my cell and my work number. I told them that my school could definitely put them through if they ever called me there.

Anyway, I got the x rays in the nick of time, showing up to the doctor's office only 9 minutes late. The doc and I went over my x-rays, and she said that my vertebrae were in proper (though scrunched) form now, but that they were still the bones of a little old lady, so I have to be careful. She did clear me to ride a bike, though, so I'm ecstatic.

After that, I went to my friend Anita's (dynamic bald girl of a couple weeks ago, awesome model of yesterday), and hung out with her, her girly, and a friend that she used to work with. If you're ever in Jacksonville, Moon River Pizza is pretty damned tasty.

I also handed off Anita's new camera to her (I got her a good deal online), and she was giddy and annoying shooting pictures with it. For the record, this is what you're supposed to be with a new camera: giddy and annoying, shooting pictures.

After that, it was PT, dinner, and The Office, and an episode of 30 Rock where the laughs came faster than a TV show should be allowed to do to you. And then I fell asleep. No Spitzle, no 365, no this, just sleep, so now, at 3:45 in the morning, I'm just finally getting to the home blog. I'm such a weirdo, why do I wake up at this time every day? Don't tell me I need Ambien. I'm not doing it. Pictures from the hospital and Jacksonville in
From Jax 3-26

Looking out the window, waiting for my doctor, this magnificent building is what I see:
From Jax 3-26

From Jax 3-26

From Jax 3-26

At this next place, not only does the ominous tree disagree with the sign, you also have to question the bars on the windows and the door, the 2 inch thick glass around the clerk, and the awful smell. Paradise? No.
From Jax 3-26

Got this at a stop light. There was enough siding missing in spots that you could see light through. I wish I had had time to spend with this house.
From Jax 3-26

Another straight off the freeway house, like last week:
From Jax 3-26

Obligatory "You Shooting Me" photo taken when someone gets a new camera:
From Anita and her girl...

Anita and her girl kiss goodbye...
From Anita and her girl...

If I was coming to your town, where would you suggest for pizza?