Saturday, February 28, 2009


IKEA Lingonberry Preserves + Trefoils Girl Scout Cookies = Deliciousness:
From Lingonberry Shortbread

Shortbread cookies are tasty, but they're so buttery, and sometimes that sort of thing leaves your tongue feeling like it's got a coating.

Lingonberry Preserves are tasty, but are a lot like what I think cranberry preserves might be like: a little tangy.

Tangyness and butteryness? How's that for complementing? They cancel out the overwhelm, allowing each other's greatness to come out.

Keep it up Lingonberries and Trefoils!


sexypoet said...

sounds yummy.. although my cranberry/pineapple preserves would be much better on those. =)

lightning in a bottle said...

that does look lip smacking.

another great combo: scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream. with tea.

best eaten on a bright and lazy sunday morning.

Awesome Sara said...

shut up!!! i just had a few of these for breakfast no more than 6mins. ago!!! the butter cookies were different but same jam!

Magic Pants Jones said...

sexy p: Better, hmm? Well, it does sound very tasty.

lightning: I've never had clotted cream, and I'm not a tea fan, but after looking at clotted cream on wikipedia, it your recipe sounds delicious.

Sara: That's a very strange coincidence.

Looking at the products at Ikea, I think I would be content to have all my products come with foreign names. I'm very happy that my new desk-side shelf is a Lerberg, and I still wish I had bought some Svenska LantChips.

one little simitopian said...

Lingonberries. What now? I've never heard of those! They LOOK yummy. I would never think to put jam on cookies (or biscuits/ bikkies as we call them here in Aus) either. Hmmmmmmmm.....must try!