Friday, February 27, 2009

Well...there it is.

I just dreamed a post for this blog. You didn't read it? Too bad. I really did not get enough sleep last night, and I stretched out across my bed to think of topics. It's been about 45 minutes, and I feel asleep. During that time, I worked through a good blog post topic and picture ideas in some apartment that I'm living in with really great stairs (this is dream world apartment). In the real life background, chill out music from the Electro Lounge, my favorite music show on our local public station, WJCT.

In the depiction below, please note that although I didn't draw any clothes, it's because I'm lazy. I'm actually wearing a red t-shirt, and grey shorts. Also, although I have x's for eyes in the picture, I didn't die for a short period. Here the x's translate as 'out cold.'

From Blog Post Dream


sexypoet said...

first, thank you for the visual of your room.. and next, what was this blog you were thinking or dreaming of? was this it? =)

Magic Pants Jones said...

Oh, that's just a teeny bit of my room, and I have no idea. You'd need time travel and mind reading to find out what the awesome blog I was dreaming was. I have NO idea. Fighting to wake up killed the dream.

sexypoet said...

at least you didn't leave out the "top of the bed" LOL

sorry you woke up. i can sing to you, if you like?

Awesome Sara said...

sexypoet- sing a poem!!

magic- you draw better than me. i hate the kind of sleep that you have to wake up and your dream keeps pulling you in. the waking up parts always mess my chi up

sexypoet said...

i think he was dreaming about me again sara.. i wouldn't wanna wake up either. lol