Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank you, Whole Foods!

Here I am, taking a break from laying on the bathroom floor with the dry heaves. My skin is alternately hot and cold. My body is fighting to get every last bit of dinner O-U-T. There's a new Whole Foods about 30 miles from me, and on the way home from my CT scan (I have to wait until the 5th to see how my back's healing), I figured I'd go there for some groceries. I've heard how great their salad/deli bar is. I don't know if it was the tofu mushrooms or the barbecue seitan, but my stomach is not happy.

Resume your browsing. I should be back to normal by this time tomorrow.

I hope.

Oh, and thank you, Ling, for re-igniting my love of Suede.


lightning in a bottle said...

oh dear.

i'm sending out spiritual darts targeted at whole foods right now.

ugh. food poisoning is not fun. you weren't even eating meat! that's just wrong.

well you can eat, try the BRAT diet: banana, rice, applesauce and toast. and drink lots of h2o or rehydration drinks. (gatorade or pedialyte)

feel better. *virtual hug*

and yes, i LOVE suede. like big time LOVE. have you checked out brett anderson's solo stuff too? wonderful.


lightning in a bottle said...

one day, you and i shall meet and talk hours on end about music :)

Awesome Sara said...

shit you know people like sneeze in those things. i hope you're ok. Thank god your far away cause I hate to hug sick people. But I'm sending you blog love!

ooo, you and lighting in a bottle sound cute together!

lightning in a bottle said...

you live up to the awesome in your name miss sara. i read some of your blog and i got to say, pretty cool. (will read more when i have more time) feel free to say hello anytime :)

sexypoet said...

sorry your sick.. hope you feel better soon! what's wrong with your back? i recently had surgery on mine and lemme tell ya, the recovery time is a long ass time! enjoy the drugs while ya got um! lol

Magic Pants Jones said...

Thanks. All I had in the house that was doable last night was bananas. That helped. (Number 1 prescription if you KNOW you're gonna throw up: bananas and YooHoo. Trust me .) They didn't have much at my corner.

And Suede and I go way back. I'd heard an interview with Morrissey where he said they were his favorite new band, so I had to get the singles as soon as imports were available. I lived at the record store that fall. Then later on, my girlfriend and I went and saw Suede live, and you got to meet the band if you bought a copy of Dog Man Star to get signed. I haven't heard much of Brett's new stuff, but I actually ordered one of them off Amazon yesterday.

And as for meeting and talking about music - that sounds fun as long as we don't meet in the middle. Being in opposite corners of the continent, we'd be stuck in Nebraska or Kansas.

I've learned my lesson with buffets. I actually called Whole Foods this morning, and they were very helpful, and asked for my phone number.

Thanks, I haven't had surgery, but I did break 3 vertebrae last December when I got run down by a minivan on my bicycle. The intern at PT told me last night (it's been almost 3 months) that it's just about technically healed. He did warn me that the vertebrae will take another year or more to get completely back to normal. I'm not taking drugs, though, narcotics hink me out.

drollgirl said...

hope you feel better soon. ugh. eating out has become rather dangerous of late. ya never know what is going to make you end up in the crapper for the next day. OY.

Awesome Sara said...

I'm glad whole foods were nice about it. Maybe they'll give you free rounds at their buffet, lol.

Thank you lighting in a bottle, i'm going to look at your blog now.

sexypoet said...

if you are in pain, ask the doctor for some ultram.. (they are narcotic free pain killers) me, i don't mind the narcotics. LOL just makes me more fun to be around. hehe
as for being sick.. be sure to drink ALOT of water!

Magic Pants Jones said...

Yeah, I'm officially done with self serve food.

And I don't actually have the back pain anymore...I'm just achy from a tough workout at PT last night, followed by being sick, and spending half the night on the bathroom floor, laying on a towel, wishing I were dead.