Monday, February 2, 2009

Enough with old news...

I'm tired of talking about being run over by a van. If you know me, you've probably heard it all. If you don't, ask in person or on facebook (or in comments?), but I don't feel like typing the rest of the story up.

I wanna talk about my creepy clown blog for a minute. It got found somehow, on urlesque, netting it several hits, and then got picked up on dlisted. are the things I've noticed from my recent spike:

* It's confirmed, a lot of people are creeped out by clowns.
* Some people think that because someone enjoys writing from the point of view of the bad guy, he must be twisted and dark. That's funny to me. I am so not the angry, creepy, scary person.
* There is a small, but pretty cool group of people in this world who really dig my blog, and I find their attention to be gratifying.
* A lot of Spitzle's fans are also fans of Fuck You, Penguin. Thinking about that, it's not really a surprise.
* There's nothing like a jump in my hits to make me want to check my sitemeter out more. Here's the most significant thing I find (other than who's linking/referring to me (more on that...)): A 1 in every 5 people spends any time at all on the blog after clicking.
* When it first hit, I was getting a lot of traffic, then it was sites that came through dlisted, and now Spitzle seems to be getting lots of email, forum, and facebook pass-arounds.
* I've got a plagiarist...some character has used the name Spitzle the Clown on the Gawker boards, often using minorly adjusted quotes from my blog as his comments on their stories. Strange. Kind of flattering, but kind of annoying.
* There's nothing like getting attention to make you want to post daily!


Awesome Sara said...

What the hell is dlisted? Is it that annoying ginger bitch thats always on the bravo pretending to be funny. I adore you. I sorta wished you are a bad guy. thats ok though, at least your smart and very amusing.

FYI. My evil other likes your bike site. he's a biker too. not a good one but he sure does look cute in those tight little shorts. yum.

Magic Pants Jones said...

Nah, dlisted is just some gossip site. I was astounded that they'd pick the Spitz up. I was suddenly all over celebrity news sites for a day.

And yeah, I'm not bad, but I'm definitely a cynic. I think that connects with a lot of interesting people.

I like your sense of design. That, and your slavish devotion to the clown.

Awesome Sara said...

I'm more terrified of dolls than clowns. A gossip site, my goodness didn't you get your 15mins of fame. I like my sense of design too. Thanks for noticing!

Alan Negative said...

hey, thanks for watching my blog. your blogs are great too.