Thursday, January 31, 2008

Art on Tile

It's the middle of the week, and I thought I'd put some more of my artwork out there. I don't mind someone using my artwork for private use. Anything else, please contact me via comments.

This first one is a girl called Celia. She's done with spray paint and masking stencils on tile. She's long sold.

These next two are paint pen on tile, I don't recall their names, but I always liked them. The girl on top is in my kitchen, and I sold the girl at the beach.

Have fun watching LOST tonight. If you watch LOST. If you don't, have fun doing something else.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Claudine Longet!

It's Claudine Longet's big day. She's 66 today.

Notable facts include:
> She was once married to popular TV crooner, Andy Williams.
> She had a singing career despite a thin voice. Perhaps she scored her record deals because of her adorable Frenchness and lisped Rs. Or perhaps she scored her record deals because of her dreaminess. You can be the judge below.
> She's also known for shooting her boyfriend, skier-playboy Spider Sabich. After taking her and her kids into his home, the pairing grew strained. According to her diary (obtained without a warrant), the relationship had grown tense and argumentative. Also according to illegally obtained evidence, she had cocaine in her bloodstream at the time. She says he was showing her how the gun worked when it went off. In his face. And his chest. She got off with criminal negligence and 30 days. The judge let her serve it when she had time available - for the sake of the kids.
> After it was all over, her defense lawyer left his wife for Claudine, and they're together still today. Maybe they'll be sharing some crepes for breakfast and some French birthday cake with dinner.

Bonne Anniversaire, Claudine Longet!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Work Stoppage

At some point, one of the pipes beneath the house where I live decided it had too much inside, and it's gone on strike. I thought that maybe I had caused it, but the girl in the flat next door said she's experiencing the same. She said there's sand coming up in her shower.

Well good. Problem diagnosed isn't problem solved, though. The landlord gave cryptic information about a valve somewhere in the front yard that may relieve pressure, and allow for flushin'. It was not to be found, as the last landlord over-landscaped with viney vines and palms. So apparently tomorrow, it'll all be snaked out. Until then, no toilet. It was a visit to Publix today to go to the loo while shopping. Hopefully I don't wake up with anything more than a need to pee!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Five for Friday

Here's the list:

Every time I hear an NPR story about some ridiculous month based challenge I get a little jealous. I like the idea, but make an album in a month? I'm just not sure it's in me. Lack of musical ability would really hamper my ability to cut an album. Of course, that doesn't stop hundreds of bands, but still - it's not calling out to me. Write a novel? Nah. All of the plots that shoot across my mind are short stories, and ridiculous ones at that*.
That brings us to, which invites the user to"knit cook draw paint tape solder
write install destroy invent document" for thirty minutes a day for the month of February. This means 14.5 hours of creation. I'll be posting there because it's a month challenge that's disjointed enough to accommodate my ADD.

2. Mr. Scruffy Escapes
For some reason, this title popped in my head yesterday, and I wanted to write a story about it. After that, I thought of having my students write about the exploits of Mr. Scruffy. On the way into work, the theme song, The Ballad of Mr. Scruffy interrupted my drive, and caused me to turn of my Zune as my brain started writing lyrics. Who is Mr. Scruffy? Why was he imprisoned? And how did he get the heat vision that he uses to help him escape? Googling Mr. Scruffy, I come up these as the first two images:

Neither of these fellas is who I was picturing, so the search for details on the mysterious Mr. Scruffy continues. This much I can tell you. When Mr. Scruffy was locked in a plastic box, with padlocks securing the top, he used his heat vision to break free. Mr. Scruffy is an escapist. He cannot be held. If you can tell me more, please don't hesitate!

3. Cheese** on bread.
When I buy my bread at the grocery story, I usually buy the pre-sliced kind. Sure, there is a level of awesomeness to a big ripped-off hunk of bread, but it's not exactly the best way to make sure you always have the right amount of bread in your toaster. So anyway, I've got this unsliced loaf, and I made my favorite lame snack tonight. This is the snack you make when you want quick comfort food and you're out of snacks. It's one slice of bread, and one slice of crappy fake cheese (and this really is fake cheese - it's veggie slices (Jalapeno Cheddar flavored)) together in the microwave for 16 seconds. There's nothing about this snack that would make you want to offer it to a friend, but for some reason, it makes me very happy whenever I eat it.


Current was already my favorite TV to watch when there's nothing on. Now that there's really "nothing on, I find that I've got it on more often. What is it? It's MTV from the early days, but instead of song videos, it has 3 - 7 minute pods. The pods are mini-documentaries, video editorials, and reportage. Some is serious, some funny, some is really great, and some is kind of lame. But just like with MTV in the old days, if you don't like the song that's on, wait a few minutes, and there'll be a new pod. My favorite is InfoMania, hosted at the top of every hour by Conor Knighton. It's a snarky look at the world of news, popular culture, and politics." Good times.

5. No-Ridin' Guilt
The weather is not my fault, but I still feel guilty that I haven't ridden my bike since Monday. I got 40 good miles in that day, and was really looking forward to riding on at least Saturday and Sunday this weekend. So here I am, looking at tomorrow's forecast, which is rain, with a high of 57F. I know that seems warm in January, but when you live in Florida, 50's and rain is not made for riding. Nope. I'll go out in cold. But not cold rain. Fortunately next week looks nice, so my guilt should be assuaged if I can get out on my bike after work a few days.
No riding tomorrow means I can catch up on some of the many movies I'm wanting to see.

* Please understand that I'm not discounting ridiculousness. It makes up a large percentage of my being.
** And by cheese, I mean fake cheese.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Julie Sees Colors

This image was prepared with ink on cardstock, then abused with water, dirt, cinnamon, duct tape, and then more ink. Julie is 9" x 12" (I believe, she might be 8 1/2" x 11"). Please do not modify or use for commercial gain.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Neil Bush!

What better cause for celebration than the 53rd birthday of the President's brother? Swell!

Chalk up a great life, Neil. Look at your hat trick:
1. It's the Silverado Savings and Loan Scandal. Way to go!
2. It's $800,000 in one day of insider training. Savvy!
3. It's a brand new wife to replace the one divorced him. What was her problem? Doesn't everyone have relations with Hong Kong and Thai call girls when they're on business in Asia?

And we won't even get into the paternity and voodoo questions!

Happy Birthday Neil! You're doing a heckuva job!

Friday, January 18, 2008

With 10 Minutes to go, it's Five For Friday!

Without any fanfare, here's the list.

Dinner tonight was from

1. Al's Pizza.
And the dinner was yummy. Al's breadstick based pretzels are wonderful, and though I always prefer a simple mushroom pizza, the mushroom, sundried tomato, and garlic pizza we got was deliskious. Unfortunately, it did not work too well while watching ...

This was a movie I should not have liked. The
jumpy camera work made Blair Witch seem steady (there was even a scared runny nose scene at the end). Every time the half-wit wielding the camera was running, I had to make calming noises to my stomach. Also, I had a tough time caring for the characters. They weren't awful, I just didn't find them super-compelling. Nonetheless, I kept watching it, and I enjoyed every nauseating minute. I don't think I'd watch it again without Dramamine, though.

3. My neighborhood cats
They're badasses. I was walking Wes, and this big, fluffy, pampered-looking cat did not budge. She just stared Wes down. I don't want to speak for cats, but this one was willing to back up her confidence with claws. The thing is, if the cat bolts, Wes wants to give chase. These stone idol cats don't twitch. He gets close to a point, then when he realizes they won't move, he starts to back away. This is a dog who understands cat claws.
(not the real neighborhood cat,
I just found this one online)

4. 4-Wheelers in the City

My neighbor had a 4-Wheeler sitting in front of his porch, and all I could picture was riding it around St. Augustine. We need to close off the town to cars for a day so I can ride an ATV all around town. I haven't ridden one (or wanted to) since I was 13, but I suddenly am craving one.

5. The Go Team
Calling their album a cut and paste of samples, vocals, and live instruments is a real undersell. Exuberant and refreshing, I enjoy everything about this band. Proof of Youth really falls right into place in my mind. It's like the Tetris block you've been needing, and it enters the screen in the exact right position for you to clear 4 rows. Brilliant!

Wear fun pants.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm picturing you in red coveralls...

...with your name stitched on.

I know that coveralls are meant to keep your clothes clean when you're doing a dirty job, but once in a while, I find them quite compelling.

If you had a well-fitting pair of coveralls, you could slap them on over your underwear for a great lazy outfit. Nope, no dealing with pants today, you might say. No belt, you've got shoulders to keep these things from drooping. There's no tucking in, there's no shirt coming untucked. And, at the end of the day, it's easy out. Never have work clothes shed so easily.

Think about it. I know that no good change happens so instantly, but they could become a good addition to every person's wardrobe.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Five for Friday

It's Friday, time for five things I like this week!

1. Pants.
Pants is the best word in common usage. Sure, there are your 50 cent words, your umbrage, your mellifluous, your indefatigable, but pants is so much fun to say. Also: Pants is a great fill-in word, a great answer for many questions, and pants are great to wear!

2. Jesse Thorn and Jordan Morris
The hosts of Jordan, Jesse GO!, my favorite podcast of the moment. Each week, I find myself listening, laughing
, and waiting to find out which zoo animal is going to be voted best.

3. Lazy pancake products.

I saw the pancake-in-a-spray-can all over the internet a week or two ago, but I just saw an ad for Bisquick Shake and Pour. Just put water in the container, shake, and pour it on the griddle. How lazy are we that a bowl and a whisk are the deal breaker? If pancakes are that hard, just go to your crappy local family restaurant for pancakes. 4. Wes.
Even though he's chapped his nose, and I can't get him to stop licking it, Wes rocks. I've had Wes since Christmas of '99, and he's a good friend. We go to the dog park a lot, but he doesn't do a lot of playing. He does like to hump other dogs, and he can be a bit cheesy because he waits until they're busy so they're too distracted to pull out from under him. Even so, he's a good guy.

5. Kimya Dawson.
After seeing Juno, I was a little disappointed with how self-consciously hip a lot of the dialogue was, but I really liked the soundtrack. Loaded with songs by Kimya Dawson, I immediately bought two of her albums, and a Moldy Peaches album based on what I heard. I like her simple, unpretentious vocals, sing-songy rhythms, social references, innocent sound, and smart ass attitude. Even though my feelings about the movie were mixed, I still liked it overall. The soundtrack, however, was really good.

(Five for Friday is presented in no particular order. Inclusion on this list is not a guarantee that you will enjoy any of the items.)

Monday, January 7, 2008

MagicPantsJones is Now!

That's it, people. Listen up.