Thursday, August 21, 2008

Now is the time...

For what?

I don't rightly know.

Angry kittens? Maybe. If so, they'll have your ankles in shreds before you can begin to cope! Those angry kittens, oh, the trouble they cause. I think that we can all close our eyes, squeeze our fists tightly, and hope that the time for angry kittens is not now.

What then? That's my dilemma. I'm not certain if the not knowing hurting my head comes from. Could it be a function of actually knowing but not doing? Or is it more likely that I DO know, but it's the time for so many things that overwhelm has set in?

Here it is, lovely people, I have it:
Now is the time for assessment. It is time to set down all of the things politely drawing attention, and say, "Alright, which of you brings me the most emotional fulfillment?"

No is the time to interview the pieces of my life that I would like to spend more time with. Obsessions, I'm ready to develop a relationship with you!

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